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    Gunthor the Brave
  • Birthday 12/25/1964

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    hi im wizard levl 6teen
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    Galleria Mall, a large shopping mall on par with the West Edmonton Mall in terms of store count.
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    Life begins after school<br />that's when bend all the rules<br />time to hang with all my friends<br />we like to be together<br />in a place where we belong!<br /><br />I'm 6teen! starting to find my way<br />gotta new job,gonna start the mall today<br />thank god I'm on my own for the first time<br /><br />I'm 6teen! like is sweet,when your growing up so fast,<br />you gotta make the good times last!<br /><br />I'm 6teen,6teen<br />gotta make the good time last!

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    Don't Care
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    hagning at teh mall aftre school wen life begins
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  1. Smokin Oken

    Post 10 Reasons Why You Love Mrcsupertrain

    i took him off block list :P
  2. 1. He is affectionate 2. He always helps new members 3. He has a witty sense of humor 4. He keeps a good balance in life 5. He is very intelligent 6. He has beautiful physical features 7. He has the furrowed brow of a master inquisitor 8. He helps others in their times of need 9. He uses choice ingredients in his cooking and craftsmanship. 10. He is humble and patient. Post your 10 reasons why you love him.
  3. Smokin Oken

    Death Note V.2

  4. Smokin Oken

    Most Random/weird/crazy Thing You've Ever Done

    One time i cut my nose off and filled the hole with live bees then i stitched my nose back on.
  5. Smokin Oken

    P.s. Have You Seen A Picture Of Ronald Reagan Lately?

    Ronald Reagan died u insensitive jerk.
  6. Smokin Oken

    Even More Important, Must Read

    icarly is out now! im so happy, ive been waiting months for this. just saw the first episode today, when she invites that 1 dood to be on icarly and sing and play guitar but he stinked at it. it wos soooooo funny. btw oct 6 i am reborn, because the new season of the naked brothers band is out. (with their new movie 'battle of the bands')
  7. Smokin Oken

    Mcr Hit Out At Emo Genre

    I didnt know mcr had such hate for their music :s As long as they dont lash out at 6teen, icarly, or hannah montana, im fine.
  8. Smokin Oken

    How Many Baths/showers Do You Have A Week?

    I usually have about 3.
  9. Smokin Oken

    Omg Important Must Read

    actually u guys r wrong.it meant that in tha wooper languige woop meens higuys
  10. Smokin Oken

    Omg Dang It

    wooper leeve brock alone
  11. Smokin Oken


    I play the mandolin in yelo's yelograss band.

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