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  1. XmoneyX

    2009 Nfl Offeseason

    Meeks is gone: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?i...e=ESPNHeadlines
  2. XmoneyX

    How To Understand Italy

    The pedestrian crossing part was funny.
  3. XmoneyX

    Another Slew Of Guides!

    Took a while for the Farming Help guide to get on the site. That thing was huge. By thw way, the Merchanting guide's fine for me, except I have to click the pictures. I use Opera 9.63 (the latest stable release).
  4. XmoneyX

    Opera Mini Simulation

    [extract][/extract]Here it is Looks cool.
  5. XmoneyX

    2009 Nfl Offeseason

    Now, I'm hoping for a bird vs. bird matchup. All that needs to happen is the Ravens beat the Steelers.
  6. XmoneyX

    The Game.

    I think of the rapper The Game, so I don't lose. Oh wait...
  7. XmoneyX

    Madden 09 All-play On Wii

    Just turn off All-Play. On the screen after the team select screen (before the Mii select screen), press 1, then proceed with the game. When you go to pass the ball, they will have directional pads instead of green/red lights above their heads.
  8. XmoneyX

    2009 Nfl Offeseason

    And their D-Coordinator is only 32 and has been D-Coordinator for only 2-3 weeks. ESPN in outrage, as 72% of the globe has voted that Jon Gruden should have remained the Bucs' coach. I agree with those 72%. He's the best coach in Bucs history when it comes to wins, and even led them to their only Super Bowl in his first season.
  9. XmoneyX

    Killed It

    Thank you!!!
  10. It's not -6, it 17, but it feels like 15 outside.
  11. XmoneyX


    It was a high of 18 with wind chills ranging from -5 to -15 here in New York City. Yes, it's in Farenheit.
  12. XmoneyX

    Windows 7 Beta

    I would download it, but I only have 1 GB of free space, so...
  13. XmoneyX

    Jet Crashes Into Click's Neighborhood.

    I heard about this just a while ago. Who knew birds were so deadly.
  14. XmoneyX

    2009 Nfl Draft Thread

    Yeah, I think the Lions aren't getting Crabtree. They have 7 wide recievers already. By contrast, they have 3 tight ends, so they'll probably pick up a tight end in the first or second round.
  15. XmoneyX

    The Evoluion Of Dance 2

    I saw this earlier today. But seriously, why'd he choose Soulja Boy?
  16. XmoneyX

    Left Handed Or Right Handed?

    I'm ambidextrous. I can write with both hands, though I'm neater with the right hand. I eat with both hands, though mostly with my left. I'm a switch hitter in baseball, and I can throw with both hands.
  17. XmoneyX


    That'll be a little tough to do, so I found a bigger logo from a Google (>.<) Images search and made it transparent. Here it is: EDIT: It's a little big, but it's under 25kb, so it might get a little squished. EDIT2: Removed most of the blank space. It's a little smaller, but still more than 120x120. It'll get less squished now.
  18. XmoneyX

    Lots Of Guide Updates!

    7 guides put on the site in one day. Impressive.
  19. XmoneyX

    2009 Nfl Offeseason

    Watched part of the Steelers-Chargers game yesterday. I also played the game on Madden 09 as the Steelers. I won 40-17, Steelers won 35-24, and both games had a Santino Holmes kick return for a touchdown.
  20. XmoneyX

    2009 Nfl Draft Thread

    Tebow's not entering the draft, though.
  21. XmoneyX

    Count To 500 Before Sal Posts

  22. XmoneyX

    Congratulations To...

    Hawk, what are you gonna do with 3 sigs? Change them every month?
  23. XmoneyX

    Should Jagex Add These?

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but what does this mean? You always get healed to full health at death.

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