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  1. I will play accessory with the hope that you know what you're doing.
  2. For those who have Master Chief Collection for PC (and/or Xbox One) IS IT POSSIBLE to share files from forges like you used to be able to before they did a massive overhaul to the UI? That overhaul absolutely ruined the file system it seems, and friends and myself have been wanting to play those old forges for a while (duck hunt, ice cream man, etc.) HELP
  3. Who was the fellow from years ago that was eventually banned but posted sooooooo many fakes?
  4. That's what I said! Well except with a more screamy-ish demeanor.
  5. If only I had a switch I'd probably play this.
  6. happy birthday!!

  7. As a guy who simply couldn't get into Breath of the Wild....is classic Zelda feels dead?
  8. Um seems like it may be advantageous of you to direct people to the "other topic", who may have mistaken that one for the legitimate one. Have I said too much?
  9. Plz find Zelda skins alongside all the other extras Kingy had published on the kit at one point that I don't see here!
  10. I honestly have no idea how this thread has not been formally closed yet, seeing as I have obviously won, at this point, multiple times.
  11. tfw this doesn't show up in forum announcements but i'm nonetheless concerned
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