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  1. Magic of Woodcut

    The Bunny Kit

    How about a MEGABUMP
  2. Magic of Woodcut

    Ultra Tracing

    So cool but I can't tell based on the two designs if you're trying to be symmetrical or abstract in linear composition, though I'm willing to bet abstract with the concept style anyway. Stop hurting my mind
  3. Magic of Woodcut

    Ultra Tracing

    Pretty neat tbh. Here's a (I'm guessing) challenging one of me and my best mates
  4. Magic of Woodcut

    the kit that isn't a kit

    This brought me back
  5. Magic of Woodcut

    the kit that isn't a kit

  6. Magic of Woodcut

    the kit that isn't a kit

    Now that I put on my 2006 glasses, I must say I really love this lol edit: took the glasses off and the kits sub forum isn’t even there anymore
  7. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    TLDR super bow edition:
  8. Magic of Woodcut

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    10/10 for salcast reasons. Brb crying
  9. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    Very exciting. Unfortunately we started the season very rough. If we started with the roster we finished with, we'd have built up a tolerance to teams like KCC.
  10. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    Plz no
  11. Magic of Woodcut

    I didn't make that topic.

  12. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    Don't get me wrong I love the chiefs, but when it comes to my home team, I have to support TT.
  13. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    49ers titans SB
  14. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    This just in, Tennessee took home a New england win last night.
  15. Magic of Woodcut

    PC Gaming Club

    tfw halo mcc isnt released entirely for pc even 5 years after xbox one release

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