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  1. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    Very exciting. Unfortunately we started the season very rough. If we started with the roster we finished with, we'd have built up a tolerance to teams like KCC.
  2. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    Plz no
  3. Magic of Woodcut

    I didn't make that topic.

  4. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    Don't get me wrong I love the chiefs, but when it comes to my home team, I have to support TT.
  5. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    49ers titans SB
  6. Magic of Woodcut

    (American) Football

    This just in, Tennessee took home a New england win last night.
  7. Magic of Woodcut

    PC Gaming Club

    tfw halo mcc isnt released entirely for pc even 5 years after xbox one release
  8. Magic of Woodcut

    The last person to post here wins

    wait people actually don't like this forum format?
  9. Magic of Woodcut

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Love it
  10. Magic of Woodcut

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Any font works for me, can mine say "The one, the only, Magic of Woodcut" with the woodcutting icon from old school runescape next to it. I tried to attach a picture with the indication of where I'd like that to be but it failed. Can you put that going upwards diagonally up there close to the title of the page sals guestbook guitarguy etc. p.s. i don't know what type of files you're referring to, but corrupted files could be the cause of such incompatibility. i've had experience with corrupted files in the past; generally speaking they can render the entire program (whatever it may be) unusable. the corruption can vary from source to registry to basically anything accessible within the OS. it's a real pain. as far as mitigation/fixing it goes, not for me to say
  11. Magic of Woodcut

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    Can you make a for dummies explanation of this? I want to take part but I'm also a dummy in a sense.
  12. Magic of Woodcut

    The last person to post here wins

    Maybe that is a personal indication that the rest of his works feel like they're supposed to be appealing to a certain group of people specifically during the time that it was procured and filmed. I don't know. All of the actors do a tremendous job in depicting the situation the film involves and it's more of a cut and paste police-work type film rather than a shizzle's hitting the fan every 5 minutes type like most of Tarantino's movies. If you understand the concept I just described, it 9/10 times falls back on a matter of taste Don't get me wrong I love the bulk of his filmography, but as fun as it is to occasionally take a ride on a movie with a fast pace and lots to pay attention to, sometimes film has a way of making you go in for the finer, simpler films with much to offer us like Jackie Brown, which ultimately puts it to the top of my list for Tarantino. also Pam Grier
  13. Magic of Woodcut

    The last person to post here wins

    For me, 1. Jackie Brown 2. Inglourious Basterds 3. Reservoir Dogs The rest are great, but these 3 really stick out the most. People would probably hit me with the every time I say Jackie Brown as my favorite, but it's just so damn wonderful. Edit: Correction, the rest are great apart from Death Proof. That movie's trash. Also, Four Rooms isn't technically Tarantino's movie I don't believe but he directed some of it, and it's great.
  14. Magic of Woodcut

    The last person to post here wins

    yes, although idk if i can compare it to his recent films. its closer to feeling like a vintage piece period film such as pulp fiction
  15. Magic of Woodcut

    The last person to post here wins

    Any1 catch once upon a time in hollywood?

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