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  1. The Medicine Man


    i havent been on rs since godwars came out. so much has changed. quick question; some of the familiars are blank and are called 'reserved' anyone know why?
  2. The Medicine Man

    What's The Most Trouble You've Ever Gotten In...

    I got with a chick at a party. she had a boyfriend. turned into a bit of a street brawl. popos got involved. i spent the night in jail, which wasn't so bad.
  3. The Medicine Man

    Zezima Vs. Yogosun

    some nerdy kid everyone under 12 adores :) 4/10
  4. The Medicine Man

    Herbal Remedies

    If you know what you're doing you cant get scammed by herbing. That used to be the best way of making money though. did anyone notice what the new herbs look like now though.... maybe a special 'herb' jagex must use a lot.... *hint* *hint*
  5. The Medicine Man

    Linkin Park

    not the type of band you make a topic about in the offtopic area... the anti MTV militia will spontaneously combust your sarcasm detectors.
  6. The Medicine Man

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    @assasin: only person on sal's i've seen so far with a dime avvy.
  7. The Medicine Man

    Rate Mi Sig And Avatar

    go ask cuervo. roflmfao zomgwtfbbq. 6/10
  8. The Medicine Man

    A Message To Naruto Haters

    My sarcasm detector has been gone for months. Is this Unbeatable guy a troll or the genuine article?
  9. The Medicine Man

    Are You Good At Asking People Out?

    Chicks are better as friends. Theres no nagging or need for constant compliments. Plus you have absolute freedom where you go and with who and if youre a little older your friendship might contain certain 'priveledges'. :glasses:
  10. The Medicine Man

    Ultimate Macro Removal Random

    thats why i made them skill based so that newbies wont get targetted. and it doesnt 1 hit KO you or anything so skillers have nothing to worry about either. skillers wont usually be using common looking clothes either. thanks for the feedback guys and if you have anything to elaborate on the plan feel free to post in and get your ideas heard.
  11. The Medicine Man

    Ultimate Macro Removal Random

    i figured out the ultimate way to remove randoms. what if jagex had a random that instead of targetting everyone at random, it targetted people wearing the most common clothing. this should stop macroers dead in their tracks it could be adapted for them most commonly autoed skill too. i thought maybe or demon or zombie version of each skill would be appropriate. once the creators of autoers catch onto this they might try change their macroer's clothes, but to no avail because 'The Medicine Man's Patented Macro Killer' will pwn them everytime. any suggestions?
  12. The Medicine Man

    Blurite Armor.

    I'm not really sure i understand that sentence, but i think what you're saying is that an ice block would make it tougher, but hurt less. Ice isn't as hard as rock, so i don't think that's right, unless the ice is the blurite.... In which case I am absolutely and totally confused. Why don't we just stop trying to apply logic to a videogame? :) i agree... people float because of a cape! it's magic. a wizard did it :lol:
  13. The Medicine Man

    Would You Kill 1000 People To Cure Aids?

    AIDS is an STD (sexually transmitted disease). so the people that have got AIDS would of got it from sex right? please explain to me why you would kill 1000 people who made the right choices in life as to avoid contracting diseases from sex just so you can save the populartion of people who die with AIDS? because technichally no-one actually dies from AIDS. all AIDS does is lower your immune system so that when you get sick it makes your sickness worse. If god exists then he obviously created AIDS so why would he do that? seeing as over 80% of AIDS carriers are homosexuals or bisexuals maybe he's trying to tell us something? put simply my answer is no
  14. The Medicine Man


    Loling at the milk carton comment :lol: In my oppinon it's all up to whatever floats your boat really. I don't understand why people care how other people wish to live their lives. Sexual orientation really means so little, yet society blows it all out of proportion.
  15. The Medicine Man

    Alien Life

    alens cnt exst cos jesus wuld shot dem down if dey treid ta invade eart! :) ok, CRZ666 and dark legolas jedi master6 imitations aside, the universe is too big to not harbor 'aliens' but the short green dudes with big heads most probably wont be the aliens that would exist. they would look in whatever way thats would be the most effective for their environment.

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