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  1. Dragon Warrior

    1 More New Random

    Well it's a Very Rare Random that only comes to people a little lower than them.
  2. Dragon Warrior

    Raw Material Pouches

    I hate the idea. Very stupid.
  3. Dragon Warrior

    Mini Map/ Clan Chat Suggestion

    I don't like the idea. If they were in your clan wouldn't you have them on your friends list?
  4. Dragon Warrior

    New Random Event

    Ok I'll edit the first post
  5. Dragon Warrior

    1 More New Random

    If you do one thing for a long amount of time, you a large lizard appear infront of you. You must fight the lizard. The Lizard is ranging and is range lvl 80. you must defeat the lizard and appear back with one of the rewards. The Rewards are: Lizard Helmet: Can be used a a weapon: Can Shoot Poisin, hit you with it's tougne, head butt Lizard Body: Basic Plate Body Lizard legs: Basic Plate Legs Lizard Claws: A secondary weapon Lizard boots: Like climbing boots but better Lizard Tail: A Shield You will get them in the order posted. It is a very rare random, so only 3 people in every world get it each day. Supporters: ~Wizard Dy ~Sir Gallon1 ~Def Fisher ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  6. Dragon Warrior

    New Random Event

    This is a random event that happens while fishing. So what happens if when your fishing, by mistake you pull out king neptunes sceptor (I don't know if i spelled that right.) Then you refuse to give it back and must fight neptune. Neptune has lvl 50 defence and 70 magic. It's Combat lvl woul always be 40 over you. if you defeat him, you get a sceptor (Just like a normal staff) You will also get 5K. Supporters: ~Sir Gallon1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  7. I will try my best though it is much easier for me to make morning trips. I will try. Funny, it seems to me that it lasted for 4 hours... Too bad you couldn't make it... :P 8:30am?? I wake up at like 11:00am! I'll never wake up that early! Good thing it's over!
  8. Dragon Warrior

    Runescape Members Only Movie

    This is a movie about the gods, Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix. It's a movie for the legend of these gods having a war and were destroying all of Runescape, so they send the different creatures of Runescape to do it for them. This is our movie, it is all a true story in Runescae (look it up in the knowledge base.) There will be scenes with all he different mortals that are supposed to fight for the gods. Humans, goblins etc. There will be Several characters in the movie, I will not be filming it, so i need someone to do that (If no one wants to I'll download hypercam but I'm not so good with it.) I will now post the roles that you will have to audition for: Auditions: September 8th 2007 at 4:00pm. There's no more times to post until auditions are done. 1:00 P.M. USA/Canada Pacific (GMT -8) 2:00 P.M. USA/Canada Mountain (GMT -7) 3:00 P.M. USA/Canada Central (GMT -6) 4:00 P.M. USA/Canada Eastern (GMT -5) 5:00 P.M. Canada Atlantic (GMT -4) 6:00 P.M. Greenland (GMT -3) 9:00 P.M. London/Dublin Greenwich Time (GMT) 10:00 P.M. Rome/Amsterdam (GMT +1) 11:00 P.M. Athens/Cairo (GMT +2) 12:00 A.M. Moscow (GMT +3) (Next Day) 1:00 A.M. Abu Dhabi/Baghdad (GMT +4) (Next Day) 4:00 A.M. Bangkok/Hanoi (GMT + 7) (Next Day) 5:00 A.M. Taipei/Beijing (GMT +8) (Next Day) 6:00 A.M. Tokyo, Seoul (GMT +9) (Next Day) 8:00 A.M. Australia (Sydney) (GMT +10) (Next Day) [Australia has Daylight Savings Time now instead.] 9:00 A.M. Auckland/Wellington (GMT +12) (Next Day) Saradomin: Guthix: Zamorak: Duke of Lumbridge: King of Falador: King of Varrock: King Arthur: Filmer: Director: Santa: Leader of Dwarfs: The Dwarven Army: Leader of Gnomes: Gnome Army: Vampire Leader: Vampire Army: Troll Leader: Troll Army: Goblin leader Goblin Army: Fairy Leader: Fairy Army: Ogre Leader: Ogre Army: TzHaar Leader: Tzhaar Army: Monkey Leader: Monkey Army: Elve Leader: Elve Army: Black Knight Leader: Black Knight Army: White Knight Leader: White Knight army: Druid Leader: Druid Army: Chaos Druid Leader: Chaos Druids Army: Frog Leader: Frog Army: Gaurds (watch in wilderness for pkers that might interfere) Merlin the Wizard Role Requirments: Gods: The apropriate god cape and robes Kings: whatever the kings wear in the game Leaders and Armys: whatever they where in-game white knights=white knight armour Santa: get santa clothes at clothes store in varrock and santa hat Filmer: a online camera Director: always pay attention and make it to times to film Guard: Combat lvl 70+ Merlin: Wizard Robes and Magic Staff Must have Magic 60+ Druids: Must have Druids Robes and can cast weaken, curse, and confuse. Application: Combat Lvl: Who's Role: If you don't have a high combat, are you a skiller? You may now post what you want to be. :D :)
  9. Dragon Warrior

    Read - Amazing Race Canceled

    Runescape Name: Wizard Dy Combat Lvl: 60 Code Word: Facade F2P?: Member Will you stay the whole time? Yes
  10. Dragon Warrior


    I'll join. Im combat 60. 49 Mage. 60 Attack. 44 defence. 48 str. Am I in? Im P2P
  11. Dragon Warrior

    Sword Studios

    RuneScape Username: Wizard Dy Member or Free-To-Play: Member Agree to Terms and Conditions of Sword Studios: I Agree Have you starred in any movies in the past (Actors Only): Yes, called Runescape Ownage Have you directored any movies in the past (Directors Only): No Are you new to acting/directing: No I'll take over Sword Studios

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