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  1. Sir Beck

    Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    I mean who really cares I guess? I understand everyone has a need for privacy but, you know. Stalls exist to block out all but the most peeping eyes. A big issue might be rape, but really a bathroom is pretty public. I mean I don't really care if the person sitting next to me is a dude or a chick, I'm in the bathroom for exactly one purpose. While there is a point where you're exposed in the bathroom it's usually behind a shut door. It's not like going to the bathroom means taking your clothes off at the door. And further more I don't see why people get so stressed over nudity in the first place.... But I might be becoming a nudist; maybe that's it. It just seems like a bunch of hooplah over nothing. So yes, I'd be fine with it. So long as each bathroom has a urinal. They're too convenient. And let's be honest here, it's not like it's going to lead to gender neutral toys Or gender neutral... um... jobs?
  2. Sir Beck

    They call me Cereal Killer.

    Keep it because at some point I'd buy it anyway. And I can use it for stuff like rots Raggo and Raids. And I can just make another staff, unless I get a different hilt. I'd like to make my own set but wouldn't be above buying it if I had the cash :P I also fully upgraded my mage void, so now I'm deeps master.... Right? Kinda bummed though that mage is difficult at raxxi. Watch this spot though because this opens a whole new world of possibilities! -------- I'm just going to edit this post because I have a weird conniption about double posting even though it's been nearly two months. After a break from spider / effective bossing in general (I've been losing money mostly) I decided to pay a visit to my wife (dumb joke) and she spun me a web after two kills Oh and the kill before that was kind of weird. I think somebody's yak got left behind.
  3. Sir Beck

    They call me Cereal Killer.

    That would require me logging everything. Which I don't. (I'm bad at this whole log thing.) I got another eye at 112 kills. I've been the whole time so I guess that whole thing about the combat triangle was a lie. And then at 116 I got a bottom piece finally. Sal blessed me by giving me some luck. Somehow. So I made a staff. Am I pro yet?
  4. Sir Beck

    They call me Cereal Killer.

    Feast your (Araxxi) Eyes! I'm halfway done with my goal of 100 Spider kills. At this rate Ill have all the pets and a full set by then. Then we move on to something else... I'm a terrible record keeper but it's not like I hold on to money anyway.
  5. Sir Beck

    They call me Cereal Killer.

    Yo, my salmons. I'm going for 100 raxxor kills, working under the hope that I'll get nice weapons and gp from it. I'm starting with eighteen. I have a spider leg middle and 1097 arrows. The rest doesn't matter since I sold it already. I'm using gear (will post screenshot probably around 5 am central time. JK In total it's going to be 82 kills from here. With my cruddy gear I can only do three on a good day. So lets see what happens. Got two kills toward it already. I still need to become a master prayer switcher. Here's a spreadsheet https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing Figuring out how to pull the price from the G.E could be a fun project, but we're sitting at about 10m from drops. Someone hasn't updated my spredsheet.... Anyway, this happened at kill number 40 (We're getting there!) Only a hilt and a bottom piece to go! I also made my own amulet of souls!
  6. Also kaos fox is now Sir Beck, like Zaros intended.
  7. Sir Beck

    Skill Competition 84 - Overall

    Massa is having problems, but sign him and me up, if you please.
  8. Sir Beck

    Skill Competition 82 - Divination

    87,515 bxp in Div. kthnxbia
  9. Sir Beck

    Skill Competition 82 - Divination

    Sign me up for what ever wins (someone vote woodcutting, it's something I need to/should train)
  10. Sir Beck

    RUNELABS IDEA: Magic Totems?

    Thanks for pointing that out, I've edited the original post with a possible solution.
  11. Originally I had this idea for wand fletching, but with recent additions we seem to have filled out all tiers in an acceptable manor. I still have just one gripe though. HIGH LEVEL STAVES AND WANDS DO NOT PROVIDE RUNIC ENERGY. Sure, staff of light saves runes, as does abyssal, and really, with reduced rune costs it's not that big of a deal, but I like my two inventory spots, if possible, please. :) Thusly, magic totem fletching! Magic totems are made out of logs, a metal frame (to conduct magic energies), and treated with potato cactus oil and a few other possibilities. Like weapons they would have possible tiers. Regular logs + Bronze frame + cactus oil for example, can be imbued at your favorite runecrafting alter for a few rune charges and attached to another elemental staff or wands, which is only moderately useful. You could attach a level 90 totem to a batwing wand, but the forfeit the combat bonus. The tiers of metal and logs advance with magic gear, charges allowed increasing as well. To charge the totem, one will bring the totem to the alter they wish. Higher levels can be brought to two alters, and must be charges with combination runes, if both are elemental. (Credits to Mic for pointing out the problem) The one exception is nature and law require frames from dungioneering. Either with a low initial cost, and ability to upgrade to hold another type of rune at a higher magic level, or just a high level reward that allows two runes (though likely in low numbers, like 100 charges for natures and 500 for fire. A hundred high alchs.) These would degrade, in addition to running out of charges and must be mended for an appropriate fee. To simplify everyone's life, attaching a totem is a reversable process that renders the weapon untradable. Imbuying/Charging the totem renders it untradable. Attaching a totem of the same tier as the weapon will boost damage slightly (because mage isn't op enough) and an accuracy buff. I propose that dragon frames be a drop from some slayer monster, perhaps, or from dragon implings. We run out of logs and metal (fletching wise, which is what we're going off of) at t70. Elder logs produce level 60 equipment. Then we start augmenting with parts of magical creatures for the barrels . (It's late right now otherwise I'd make a list of magical creatures and logs to use) 70 is probably best for a crystal frame, keeping with the theme. Ahrim's frame or totem isn't a bad idea either. Ahrim's would have to be treated with cactus oil (which is easily obtainable) before it's usable. Perhaps a gnomic quest reward "sing crystal seed into frame" With level 80, an imbued crystal might also work, my concept is more focused around assembly than getting it as a rare drop from a boss. Of course, a boss monster that would drop the frames or components at higher levels would be fine. teir 90, which would be a pain to make somehow, can only hold for types of runes, two caltalystic and two elemental. that way you could hypothetically cast ice barrage and blood burst at the same time when you duel wield. For what reason I wouldn't know With fletching and ports, you can add runes to higher level totems for combat bonuses and...stuff. More on that later. And why potato cactus oil? Everything is meant to help conduct magic energies. Just go with it, you can distill it at the chemists easily. I welcome your input to help me flesh this out. Eventually I'll propose it on Rune Labs and become famous.
  12. Sir Beck

    Skill Competition 81 - Bossing Competition

    Here you go. Prepare to watch me suffer defeat at everything.
  13. So this happened. We all grabbed our gear and rushed over to world 64, where several salmons had already crashed a solo-er (on a loot share world?) they called their friends, we called our friends, and a generally good time was had. Eventually they won the dps battle, however. We resigned to w22 and I got like 1 million in drops. Post nostalgia/ screenies you may have captured. We need to do this more often.
  14. Sir Beck

    Skill Competition 77 - Ranged

    as always, can I be the last minute admission?

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