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    ummm do u really care what i am interested in i mean cmon<br />some stuff has gotta be personal >.<

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    I like them all
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    sals chat
  1. It wasnt me

    I Fail In Pk.

    i was never good at normal pking and bh is just a waste of time
  2. It wasnt me

    Zezima's Face No Joke 100% True

    yesssssssss i really do u have a problem
  3. It wasnt me

    Zezima's Face No Joke 100% True

    yes finally som1 notices it jeez...
  4. accidently put wrong vid first time i fixed hey i was watching u tube and a found this vid from zezima's youtube account pause at 1:35 you must pause at 1:35 or it will not work! also i was wondering if som1 could edit the photo it shows in photoshop to get it more detailed? more realistic this is the video. remember to pause at 1:35. *Fixed* have to watch and pause at exactly 1:34-1:36 or will not work
  5. noo it will not apear i have plugged it in to my computer and the (e:) drive will not show up?
  6. It wasnt me

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    i just got guildwars but i cant go into the multiplayer areas because it is sooooooooooooo laggy. is there a way i can fix this??? plz pm me what to do dont post here I will not remember to check
  7. i got a external hard drive and dont know how to dowclick herenload to my computer som1 please help i have the big on on the right of this website how do i get it to work i wanna download guildwars to it so i can start playing and quit runescape
  8. It wasnt me

    My Runescape Life

    ooo i am interested to see how your account comes along gl =P start off by selling all runes/arrows and do security stronghold and safety cave thing so u can have some money
  9. ok...I have a aim screen name and all there avatar /buddy icons are crappy i wanna choose my own buddy icon... how can i upload this as my buddy icon avatar
  10. It wasnt me

    Cool Bandos Armor

    what is fake?
  11. It wasnt me

    New Dragon Armour

    also no nails and wire
  12. It wasnt me

    Hp Pure

    shure my freind has 99 mage 10 hp
  13. It wasnt me

    How To Make A Runescape Recession

    if he sold those to general store when no1 was there and made them disapear it would really hurt the economy
  14. It wasnt me

    What A Old Quest

    i didnt know that all this stuff was in classic it is very interesting to browse through the old archives also barrows is from 2005?
  15. It wasnt me

    What A Old Quest

    i didnt know this quest was so old! Technical San-Francisco servers online 23-Dec-2002 Customer Support Cheating scum banned 12-Dec-2002 Game Updates Agility skill online 12-Dec-2002 Website New website online! 11-Dec-2002 Behind the Scenes The word on the street 02-Dec-2002 Game Updates Fatigue reduced 25-Nov-2002 Behind the Scenes A well-deserved rest 15-Nov-2002 Technical Upgraded Philadelphia servers 11-Nov-2002 Technical Bug in Varrock 06-Nov-2002 Behind the Scenes The mod-noob 01-Nov-2002 Behind the Scenes Gowerian Agility 25-Oct-2002 Game Updates Updates galore! 23-Oct-2002 Behind the Scenes A preview is sneaked 18-Oct-2002 Behind the Scenes 3-D Update 09-Oct-2002 Website Runescape Newsletter! 30-Sep-2002 Website Map update 25-Sep-2002 Game Updates Tutorial island 24-Sep-2002 Behind the Scenes Graphics Previews 19-Sep-2002 Customer Support New abuse reporting system! 11-Sep-2002 Game Updates Sea Slug Quest 09-Sep-2002

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