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  1. Bee

    The Epic Failure Game

    MORE THAN EPIC FAILURE cos yer don't know what yer talkin boot. I like chocolate
  2. Bee

    The Cologne Game

    I eat all the gummy bears and find the evilness within myself to... spray Axe for overweight cheerleaders/football players all over the next poster.
  3. Bee

    Predict The Future Of The Person Above You

    you will stub your toe...on chuck norris.
  4. Bee

    This Or That!

    This. 'That' seems so...Plan B ^_^ . Triple Fudge Chocolate Cake or M&M Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches? (No, I'm not PMSing.)
  5. Bee

    Runescape's Hall Of Respect

    sir Xilef, M__a__t__t_2, iTush, Ralex18, lilmessedkid, X Darashi X, Troyg2007, Skate4000, The Old Nite, amaze, Rune_Lizzard, L J H Fight, Ming Der, Colinross, Grimrepersos, Master of Penguins, Demsla, Evin290, Elephant King, Zorada, =+= iCheese =+=, Sledgeham, Allstar31992, djpailo, Dr Skull, Cow Queen!!, Dizomniac, 2dude0, gala blue, Bankrobber23, Joe Mama739 blasterman/rickdejong4 Entrility sox_king_21 Range_Plus Kevin 7345 Lord Searyn. aero Jbui8000 Juhora Luckyx777 SlashingUK Pooky1444 Swordstake R TEH 1337 UC Xmarkstheed Wwe Fan626 Stonesour19 Dark Mage Filipe_lipe Tigers429 Mcintron1993 Bee Bright
  6. Bee

    My Chemical Romance

    "Backstreet boys with guitars?" :s Heckz yeh. mi granny dyed so im gunna go wer sum prety guyliner adn cry abt it while scremin at da top of mi girly lungs. What's sad is the Hannah Montana fans just love 'em ^_^ Their songs are true subliminal messaging. "go cut yourselves because you're cool enough now."
  7. Bee

    Music Video

    I love these things! A funny-ish song to do could be "Polkarama" by Weird Al. Here are some other suggestions: -Feel Good, Inc. (Gorillaz) -Do You Want To (Franz Ferdinand) -I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys) -Touchdown Turnaraoud (Hellogoodbye) And one more can be Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, only because I really hate that song and just want to scare off a couple of "be my gf?" nubs. Just let me now when you think of a time & date ^_^
  8. Bee

    Official Random Event Topic

    Guess who got frogs yesterday
  9. Has a cool RS name! (I loves me some tea.) Has a cool doggy picture! And the rest...I don't really know :D
  10. Bee

    Official Random Event Topic

    Whoever gets frogs 50x a day seems super lucky to me!! -I have full camo and even after getting it the stupid demon kept coming to me (I didn't think I was that fat). -I got the glass box emote from a mime event (which sucks). -I got Freaky Forester when I was like a level 10 so I didn't know what to do and got it wrong. He never came back :(. -I get Sandwich Lady, Mysterious Old Man, and Tree Spirit when I'm woodcutting every 20 minutes :D -Level 40-50 evil chickens out of nowhere :D -The old man maze but didn't finish it in time :P -The classroom event twice. Is there any possible way you can make frogs COME TO YOU??? Here's my camo: Actually, I think I have a way, go to the Stronghold of Security and kill gobbies, minatours, wolves, etc. but stay on the first "floor". Whatever you kill, bury its bones. I get mime whenever I do this, and so do lots of other people I know :D

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