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  1. Big Graam

    Missing My Mummy

    You don't need a Disguise to do this quest. Not sure why that is there.. And also, it is only ONE WIllow log that you need.
  2. I think that this update is actually amazing. I have always wanted there to be a graphics update, and Jagex have followed through and really done a fantastic job. The new interface is a lot better, giving more room for the actual game, therefore, providing more space to move about and see. I also love how there is a full screen mode, because I used to hate lookign through a window. +1 Jagex!
  3. Big Graam

    Rocking Out

    Yey, go Neo again! Thanks for the guide, it will come in handy when I actually have the right requirements
  4. Big Graam

    Airplane. ~ 96/99 Firemaking ~ 74/99 Fishing

    Niice log, and nice goal! Gratzies on 85 Firemaking, hope you make it to 99 in 14 days according to your "another day, another level" rule.
  5. Big Graam

    Big Graam's Log Of Genuine Quality!

    Ahh, I'll miss you dude, hope you come back soon and happy Arcanising Thanks. Yeh, I'm just about to try and get 60 Slayer, then follow it up with 60 Runecrafting. And thanks! Oh they are coming up as soon as I get some more levels! Thanks dude, and thanks again for putting my log into your log list, much appreciated! Slayer time!
  6. Big Graam

    Chngjonathan's Hawt F2p Log (100% F2p!) Come Visit

    Niice log! Good luck on the ranging levels, and also hope you whoop that guy in the total level race, mmk? Clicky below, please?
  7. Big Graam

    ~~~>driger's Log<~~~

    Niice log dude. Sweet magic and range levels too! Keep up the good work, mmk? Clicky below please?
  8. Big Graam

    Alexgers Log Of Pure Awesome

    Gratzies on Monkey Madness, show us that Jungle Demon lying face first in the dirt, mmk? Niice sigg too, loving the avatar aswell Keep it up, and good luck on getting 99 burning logs.
  9. Big Graam

    Big Graam's Log Of Genuine Quality!

    Thanks dude, yeh I was doing exams so no game time unfortunately, but guess who JUST had their last exam? Back to good old Runescape, yey!
  10. Big Graam

    Rocking Out

    Poor you. Every quest does not have to be easy, I think it is great that Jagex are producing quests with high requirements. And how does it take you 4-5 DAYS to get 2 thieving levels? You must be very slow at it .. GO JAGEX!
  11. Big Graam

    Green Dragons

    You should pick up th green dragonhides yes, but if you are able to collect a full inventory of bones and charms, then do tht as bones are more expensive than the hides. I would say pick up the hides then drop them if you have no more room but you are still killing dragons.
  12. Big Graam

    My Goals And Achievments

    Oooh good luck on the goals man, you don't need me to tell you that this log has a long way to go, but I'm sure you can do it!
  13. Big Graam

    Got In Trouble For Changing My Ip In School =\...

    Ahh don't worry about it mate, as long as you keep your story straight and true then they will let you off lightly. Owning up to your problems is always hard but one hell of a lot better than trying to avoid what, as we all know, is inevitable. I hope they don't punish you too harshly, good luck!
  14. Big Graam


    Well I had iGCSE physics yesterday, was pretty easy except a few questions which were just badly worded, but what you going to do? Anyway, now I have to revise History solidly over the next 10 days, great
  15. Big Graam

    Soulja Boy

    I really wouldn't say that Soulja Boy's songs are raps .. I don't think there meant to be either. Crank Dat was pretty good in my opinion, play it a party and everyone is dancing to it, but his other songs are just rubbish really, like Yahh Trick, which just made me laugh really. I just think he knows he can make a lot of money just by coming up with stuff pretty fast that some people might like. Simple.

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