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  1. Christ0pher

    Your Sals List!

    01.) Christ0pher's Friends --> 45 members lvl 125 cmb avg. Undefeated in fights 02.) Everyone else
  2. Christ0pher

    What event should I do?

    This is the only correct answer. Nothing in RS is as fun as killing other players. I remember the days when no matter what world you went to there would be someone at GDs.
  3. Sals CD died because all those people were getting upset that I was running shizzle over here. They decided to start a new forum where I couldn't have them banned...and it died. They would flame me and get banned, but couldn't understand why. Same people were too afraid to say anything to me on RSC when I was a CL.
  4. Christ0pher


    Very difficult to read your images.
  5. You're sig makes me head hurt.
  6. Christ0pher

    Team Emu Vs World

    We had over 23 people on last night. :(
  7. Christ0pher

    Team Emu Vs World

    I don't understand why people run in white portal....they don't lose anything. An no one stays in red portal. We find a small team, clear them(only getting like 3 kills) and then they're done never to return.
  8. Christ0pher

    Team Emu Vs World

    Join out Team! :(
  9. Christ0pher

    Team Emu Vs World

    I haven't been members in years lol. Only log in to PK. Screw training...that's so 2007.
  10. Christ0pher

    Team Emu

    IRC: #Team_Emu Forums We are within our first two weeks of being open, and have already started making a name for ourselves. We PK in both F2p(White and Red Portals) and P2p(Wilderness). We're out almost nightly, but it's hardly required that you attend every night. Here are a few pics from our first night out. I couldn't find any from last nights MageBank trip, but I'm sure I'll edit more in as we get them. We PK for Loot, Bragging rights, and loot. You'll see us in White Portal when we've cleared the red and cannot find anyone willing to fight. Home to see some faces in our IRC Channel.
  11. Christ0pher

    Envy Vs The

  12. Christ0pher

    Why You Mad Bro?

    Lobster tank son. :(
  13. Christ0pher

    Why You Mad Bro?

    We went PK again today when I got back from le office. We rank into some team or clan that spammed ET. I think they were called Emo Thugs or something like that. Anyways after like 30mins of chasing them around the ruins and houses we made them go home. Stayed out for another hour killing randoms and other shizzle teams that decided to fight us.
  14. Christ0pher

    Runescape Scorpions || R.s.s.

    Epic Clan full of Epicness. :(

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