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  1. Reaper00107


    I disagree. There is no definite flow. -You also need to work on manipulating your c4d's, as they seem really random. Next time plan the tag out before you start placing your fx. This helps alot and makes the sig less "chaos" -Lighting at the bottom right is positioned incorrectly. Look at your render. There is a shadow on his left side and yet you added a light source there. @[email protected] -Negative space isn't working so well -Depth is amazing however Hope that helps :P That is a really good sig, better then yours, yours doesnt make any sense, its just out there
  2. Reaper00107

    The Band Game.

    9/10, im a huge Nirvana fan
  3. Reaper00107

    Where Do I Go To Download Gimp?

    Sweet thanks man
  4. Reaper00107

    The Bunny Kit

    Can someone please tell me how to do this... the tut. isnt working
  5. Reaper00107

    Homer Sig

    The text doesnt go good with the picture, none the less, its short, sweet, and to the point 4/5
  6. Reaper00107

    The Band Game.

    not that bad really, 7/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-apRCG2Nffc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgSn0SbQJQI going back to classics escept for woman i guess
  7. Reaper00107

    Please Rate This...

    you know what, fine ill go do some friggen (i put that there, i didnt curse) shading Edit: ahh forget it, im to lazy and plus, its more of a 2-D picture, no shading needed....
  8. Reaper00107

    Please Rate This...

    OH boy..... its adam..... :closedeyes: And what part of "this is not my best" dont you get? i threw this together in like 5 mins ok. oh dang, i started a war.......
  9. Reaper00107

    Please Rate This...

    Lol, ty, thats really not my best on paint, im really good with paint since i get alot of practice in school. Everytime we go to the computer lab, i usally get on paint untill the teacher yells at me and tells me to get back to work....
  10. Reaper00107

    Please Rate This...

    I didnt use any photoshop or anything, just paint! And i didnt mean anything offensive, just for laughs maybe now
  11. im still relativly new to sals.. (only 150 posts or so) i and i want to know where to go to download gimp or photoshop EDIT: man i was off, 194 posts
  12. Reaper00107

    Um, Yes, Happy Halloween

    Hello there, i made this avvy in the spirit of halloween... What have you done for it? As in avvies and screenies and such
  13. Reaper00107

    The Band Game.

    Love solitude.... 9/10 Avenged sevenfold... ALMOST EASY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL2VOb40P4s
  14. Reaper00107

    Ghost Video

    Im pretty sure it was a fake, i do belive in ghosts though, although some of it did look real... And that "demon child shadow thing" freaked me out though... and what kinda moron would just stay there.... if that was me, id be running like crap, screw the video...
  15. Reaper00107

    Perfect Runescape Snack

    Jerky is AWSOME! I love jerky

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