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  1. ajay_was_here

    Mini-game All Fired Up

    Personally, i don't think this looks done. The strategies are very sloppy and the guide is altogether pretty short for a minigame of this size. I would start on the strategy's. What should the inventory be? What is suggested to wear? What quests would help? Whats the fastest way to each beacon? What experience do i get for burning different types of logs? What teleports would help? How long does each type of log last? How can i retrieve the items if they are lost, broken? Do i have to re-repair what i have already fixed each time (no)? Include Pictures...show a suggested inventory and armor using a picture, what can i substitute? Should i be wary of certain things in the wilderness? I might even go as far as listing each beacon individually, get a picture of the owner, what do they need? What repairs are needed at this beacon? Can i leave logs with them to watch my beacon? Do i get extra exp for a sequence of lit beacons? How much? Is there a way i can check my other beacons without going to them? Can i implement familiars in any way? Is there any way to turn of the auto-burn ability of the adze? If i were to read this guide, fresh off no knowledge whatsoever, i would want to know that. Your gonna need tables, pictures, and options before this will be accepted.
  2. ajay_was_here

    Mini-game All Fired Up

    Inferno Adze burns 1 out of every 4 logs, roughly. In the Strategy guide, write to fill in all beacons and do all repairs or favors first (all repairs and watchmen favors only need to be done once! They don't go away). Then do the process of lighting, all beacons can be lit in one trip with maples or higher without need to refill if you do the Oog Loog strategy and have a couple teles (haven't gotten it to a science yet).
  3. ajay_was_here

    Mini-game All Fired Up

    Not accepted right away, it is missing a LOT of information. But when it is complete most definitely. Read my previous edits if you missed them EDIT- You can ask the Fire Keepers to watch the fire for you if you give them 5 logs. Handy?
  4. ajay_was_here

    Mini-game All Fired Up

    I know i tried all i had too, i removed the maps and made the list into a list It looks better now! Until somebody has a certain strategy to getting all the beacons lit, i wouldn't say exactly 300 logs, just say at least 280 or 280+ logs. I think the final strategy will have more than 4 relights =P. Lots of edits...sorry EDIT- 300 might actually work. You could start a strategy section and make the first step "Fill all Beacons with logs and repairs if necessary", when all beacons are filled with logs you can just light and run. Then all you have to do is develop a quick transportation strategy for all beacons, so all you do is get there and light and go to next one. EDIT2- Also, i have HEARD that the higher lvl log, the longer it burns without extinguishing. I'm not completely sure if this is correct or not. If it is true, you can suggest using maple logs or higher to get all 14 becons. EDIT3- I've also heard that the Adze can instantly burn logs that you cut, giving you woodcutting and firemaking exp. Not sure if the effect affects exp gained or not...investigating. EDIT4- Suggest the use of the salt water spring in Oog' Loog (spelling?). This gives infinite run for long periods of time and can make the trip a lot easier.
  5. ajay_was_here

    Mini-game All Fired Up

    I would remove the maps. In reality, all around them is a lot of blank landmarkless area. The area descriptions should be enough, and if all else fails you can tell them to look for the icon on the world map. EDIT- And i would definitely clean up the information i gave you. The first 3 or 4 i had a certain format for but then i got bored. Try to make it all uniform or get someone to code you a nice little table.
  6. ajay_was_here

    Mini-game All Fired Up

    Thank you, i edited my post to include that and gave you credit.
  7. ajay_was_here

    Mini-game All Fired Up

    First Beacon- Near River Salve- 43 Firemaking To Light Second Beacon- Near Rag and Bone Man- 43 Firemaking To Light Third Beacon- Near Jolly Boar- 48 Firemaking To Light Fourth Beacon- North of Varrock Castle- 53 Firemaking to Light Fifth Beacon- Near Grand Exchange- 59 to light Sixth Beacon- Near Edgeville- 62 to Light Seventh Beacon- Near Monastary- 68 Firemaking with 38 Prayer (Thanks Phantom) 8th- Near Goblin Village, after Land of Goblins- 72 9th- Near Burthope- 76 Firemaking, Along with 56 smithing 10th- East of Death Plateau- 79 Firemaking, Along with 42 construction 11th- Near Trollheim Shortcut- 83 Firemaking, along with 64 Agility 12th- Near God Wars Dungeon- 87 Firemaking ,Along with 60 crafting 13th- Small Temple in Wilderness- 89 Firemaking, with 70 smithing OR 59 construction 14th- Frozen Waste Plateau- 92 Firemaking All this was taken from the in-game firemaking guide, under beacons. You need 6 beacons for ring, 10 for gloves, 14 for the axe thing. So... To get ring you need 62 Firemaking To get the Gloves you need 79 Firemaking, 42 Construction, 38 Prayer(Thanks Phantom), and 56 Smithing, along with Completion of Land of the Goblins. To get the Adze, you need 92 Firemaking, 64 Agility, 60 Crafting, 70 Smithing OR 59 Construction, and 38 Prayer (Thanks Phantom) along with above quests. Food will be needed in many places, and you will need more than 280 logs, due to having to relight previous ones. Also, recommended items during the game would be Weight Reducing Clothes (penance gloves, Spotted(ier) cape, and Boots of Lightness), Energy restore Potions, maybe agility potions, Restore Potions (for icy areas, don't want your stats reduced D=), and armour for some areas.
  8. ajay_was_here

    All Fired Up.

    you could add explorer ring to the recomended items list. And for extended run equipment go ahead and throw in the lightening gear, spotted(ier) cape, boots of lightness, penance gloves.
  9. ajay_was_here


    Guns need to be legal, it is our right first off. Our forefathers were genius's, they lived in a time where the government was overpowering (what i beleive ours is starting to become) and fled with taht knowledge, they had the belief that government needed a restart button, even if it meant by force of its citizens. In todays day and age, i bleive the government is purposely making it easier to get guns for the criminals and making it harder for the honest, after time, the honest would demand guns be outlawed in the end. They win, and it was our decision. Got a little conspiracy there for a minute, but citizens need to be armed for protection.
  10. ajay_was_here


    It wouldn't becuase, last i checked, poking something that small would kill it. A good example of micro evolution would be bacteria fighting antibiotics. Its really amazing, but if you don't completely wipe it out it will fight against the remainder of it and develop immunites, thats where that mutant flue that swept Tennessee spawned from, nasty stuff. But back on topic... If they can normally function as a nice human being without a higher power leading them then im fine with it, its those that are incapable, even if tehy are religious or not, to have any morals of their own that i have a problem with.
  11. ajay_was_here

    Acne - Does It Put You Off?

    if its out of control then yes, i is somewhat of a putoff, but its more of a display of inadequate hygiene that puts me off more than anything. If they don't even botehr washing there face...who knows. But everyone will have it, minor or major, so no..its not really a big issue for me. I try to blast mine every chance i can though 0.0
  12. ajay_was_here


    Title and description pretty much sum it up. Many people (including me) think that it is a money sucking cult. Investigate before you discuss (please, there is tons of info and i don't want to post it all at least watch a couple youtube vids). You can also discuss Anonymous's campaign against Scientology. I would prefer it if you didn't involve other religions into this topic, but if it relevant i don't see why not.
  13. ajay_was_here


    its pretty cold, but i agree with it. I guess you have to give yourself a purpose, follow or lead..save or destroy..live or die. In the end, its really your decision, unaffected
  14. ajay_was_here


    (censorship of any kind wold be a better topic) censorship is disgusting, people have lost the ability to look away from things thy don't want to see and therefore cry for it to be removed, that an government censorship, thenkfully there is tor =P
  15. ajay_was_here


    This is going to sound pretty textbook, but suicide affects everyone around it. The entire family is devastated and if witnessed by a child can cause some severe social/psychological issues. This in turn would lead to more suicides, or just insane depression. Nobody comes out of it with a happy face. There lives aren't yours to deal with but their actions do affect you, your children, and everyone around you. Kind of scary

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