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  1. RunescapinRunescaper

    Jagex On Botting

    You're kidding! Jagex is a multi-million dollar business, and they're finally waking up to the fact that bots are significantly wrecking the potential future of this game. If bots keep going at the now normal rate, Runescape will be finished in 3 or 4 years. The fact is, Jagex care hugely because they want full on players who'll spread the word, improve the community, and make RS more fun-not bots who do none of those things. If you would really like me too bring up the thread from the RS forums in 2007 where Jagex predicted that (QUOTED DIRECTLY FROM JAGEX) "Bots will soon be undetectable". I am telling you, Jagex does NOT care. Like I said, put yourself in that type of position; the bots are doing nothing but simply giving them more money. There have got to be thousands of RS bots. More then half are probably members.(Auto Flax pickers, Auto Magic Cutters, etc) Come on now, don't be foolish. They aren't hurting Jagex at all, they are just making the true and hard working players mad. They are only doing these type of things to make the players think they care. Nothing more, and nothing less.
  2. RunescapinRunescaper


    If Kobe is not in your top 5, you are simply being stubborn. Heck, even Top 3! Only 2 players I would take over Kobe in this league are Kevin Durant and Wade. The REAL Top 5: 1. Wade 2. Durant 3. Kobe 4. Dirk 5. Dwight Each and every player up there leads there team. Without Wade, Miami would be average, same for OKC without Durant, and same for Magic without Dwight, and so on. I would have to see more from CP3 in the playoffs and Rose, in order to rank them higher. The NBA is nothing but the playoffs, that is all that really matters. Regular season means absolutely nothing. 0. No one cares how a player does in the regular season. If you are basing your ranking off regular season play, I should tell you that you're highly mistaken. By the way, I am a Phildelphia 76ers Fan(Not biased).
  3. RunescapinRunescaper

    Jagex On Botting

    If you guys truly think Jagex cares, you are insane! If you had a multi-million dollar business, and people were botting on it, BUYING MEMBERSHIP SIMPLY TO BOT, and basically helping you, would you care? Come on...It doesn't need to be sugar coated. Jagex only does this so the true and hard working players feel as though Jagex cares somewhat. They couldn't care less.
  4. RunescapinRunescaper

    Rap And Hip-hop Thread

    Drake has always been one of my favorites since 2006..Comeback season and So Far Gone(His mixtapes before he went mainstream) were some of the greatest mixtapes ever created...I think I heard that he was one of the first ever artists to sell 1,000,000 mixtapes or something like that..(before having a record deal) It's only if you're into real stuff though..He spits the truth..about his friends, family, city, etc. Now everyone is on him, but back in 09 no one even knew who he was..'Take Care' (Coming out November 15th) is going to be an amazing album, I suggest you all pick it up or listen to it.
  5. RunescapinRunescaper

    I Love All You Guys.

    You to my friend .
  6. RunescapinRunescaper

    I Love All You Guys.

    Sals hasn't changed one bit. From invisionfree, to this forum, sals has always been an awesome atmosphere and great place. Keep the work up everyone, and have a safe and fun memorial day weekend! God Bless! -RR
  7. I'm sure most of you don't know me, but I have been on Sals for a while now. I use to love this site and it still crosses my mind whenever I think of Runescape, but just from browsing you can see this site still has great people, community, and just an overall awesome atmosphere. Glad to see this site hasn't changed, and like I said I wish each and everyone of you and Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family through out the holidays! Sincerely, RR
  8. RunescapinRunescaper

    Truly Inspirational Video.

    /thread It's just another half bakes attempt to inspire people. Not anything rare or unseen. Nobody cares about it? Look at his subscribers, his profile views, his video views, his video comments. It's just arrogant people like yourself who don't care about it.
  9. RunescapinRunescaper

    Found The Meaning Of Life

    You know, God is just such a extraordinary creature, person, whatever you wanna call him. The fact of the matter is, he doesn't need to do all of this! He could easily make us all good and not give us a choice. I guess he figured that wasn't fair, but of course this is just my opinion! Although I don't know what his purpose on having me on earth is, I know he still needs me to do something on Earth. How do I know? I'm still living.
  10. RunescapinRunescaper

    Is It Okay To Play Runescape Alot?

    Of course it's okay! You live your life the way you want it to be lived. If you choose to live it by playing runescape 3, 5, 7, etc hours a day, that is your choice! Just make sure you're making the right choice. You don't want to miss half of your life on a video game, ya know?
  11. RunescapinRunescaper

    [13+]i Just Realized...

    Life is what you make it. After reading your statistics, you should be further enthused too make your life something that others is not. "3/4 of the people are not even remembered in history", for instance, should push you to change other peoples lives. Inspiration is only the beginning, and although you are only one person, what you do does make a difference. If you touch one person in the world and inspire that one person to inspire another person, the chain reaction and possibilities are endless. Life is great, and you only live once. Make the best of it. One quote reminds me of this topic for some reason: "The idea of death, the fear of it, haunts the human animal like nothing else; it is a mainspring of human activity - designed largely to avoid the fatality of death, to overcome it by denying in some way that it is the final destiny of man."
  12. RunescapinRunescaper

    Truly Inspirational Video.

    A guy wrote "One World" on his hand, and asked others to write on their hand what they thought that the term, "One World" meant to them.
  13. RunescapinRunescaper

    Did We Invent Math Or Discover It?

    We discovered it. It was always there. There were always angles, decimals, fractions, addition, division, etc in our every day lives. We just didn't discover it for awhile.
  14. RunescapinRunescaper

    Are My Stats Good Enough To Become A Member?

    Becoming a member is entirely your choice. However, if you were a member from the start, your stats would most definitely be a lot better then they are now.
  15. RunescapinRunescaper

    Retiring From Sals Forums

    Was thinking the same thing. Somethings never change.

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