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  1. ninjablade22

    Getting Around Runescape - 100% Complete!

    yay, one of my pictures is is there lol. great guide
  2. ninjablade22

    My Mini City

    I could use some industry, my city is on #1 post
  3. ninjablade22

    Great Orb Project

    very good guide! I don't know that it takes 10 min until you can play again. I logged out while playing and it said I had to wait 11 more min. You might want to check into that. Also, you should try and get rid of any " ( ) " There aren't any required items although you may be doing a lot of running so it's suggested you bring items that decrease your weight such as the Boots of Lightness and the Spotted/Spottier Cape. It is also a good idea to keep your inventory as empty as possible so you can hold the runes and rune essence you craft. To do this, you are given 3 types of weapons which you will learn more about in the next section *Then split up the weapon pictures and place them in the section blow to the place that they go with. In the game, I believe the wizards call the "weapons" wands
  4. ninjablade22

    Law Running

    what do you mean I need to credit anyone.... who do I need to list? I wouldn't list you... because your info didn't seem to help me out much...
  5. ninjablade22

    Big Problem 3

    No? if it wasn't on the CD then probably no
  6. ninjablade22

    Big Problem 3

    So I just "redid" my lap top ( someone please tell me what I did ) And I have noticed that my cd/dvd driver is not working. what did I do wrong?
  7. ninjablade22

    Draynor Village Re-write-100% Complete

    Leave it to roy to pick out the JPG
  8. ninjablade22

    Draynor Village Re-write-100% Complete

    maybe even say something about the pig pen, because I know that people trap the master farmer in it =D
  9. ninjablade22

    Draynor Village Re-write-100% Complete

    I see that for Fortunato's stall it is 22. but don't see anything for the seed stall or master farmer
  10. ninjablade22

    Draynor Village Re-write-100% Complete

    I don't see it >_<
  11. ninjablade22

    Pest Control Rewrite

    I have more, just don't have time to crop and make transparent
  12. ninjablade22

    Draynor Village Re-write-100% Complete

    good idea roy ^ I suggest adding what level you need to seal seeds from the stall and maybe something about the master farmer
  13. ninjablade22

    Pest Control Rewrite

    I have some pictures of a few monsters... let me look for them
  14. ninjablade22

    The Sims 2

    I Just "redid" my lap top, I erased the hard drive and put the operating system back on. It is like new and I am excited. Question: Do I install The Sims 2. I don't want it to slow down my computer I wouldn't play it that often, just when the internet is unavailable.
  15. ninjablade22

    Big Problem 2

    Hey guess what! I am on my lap top The Toshiba CD that I found was the right one! It took a total of 8:47 hours to erase my HD and reinstall the software again. Thanks for all of your help guys Mod, please close

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