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  1. I've done 100k-300k an hour with water talismans in the runecrafting guild.
  2. #1: Firemaking, 88,990. #2: Runecrafting, 145,703.
  3. TSK

    Question About Melzar's Maze Key.

    Yes, you can talk to the guild-master and get the key back, in fact you can go back through the maze and get all of the keys you want, but there will just be nothing in the chest at the end.
  4. Probably the runecrafting guild for me. It was the first non-combat minigame in F2P, and in my opinion made a great way to get money, have fun, and train a relatively hard skill to train.
  5. TSK


    -Pulls up a chair and waits for people to spam the password so he can get in-
  6. All of them. . . it's just weird. :s
  7. What's up with the make a new forum that probably won't get anywhere fad? At least you people are being a bit more original with your fads. :)
  8. TSK

    Here Is My Second 99 Fishing Update

    If you're racing your friend, you're probably better off fishing salmon/trout, as it is much faster XP than fishing Lobsters, especially if you're in F2P.
  9. TSK

    The F-test

    Your F Score is: 5.133333333333334 You should practice doing things with your left hand. ;).
  10. TSK

    Personality Disorder

    Paranoid: Very High Schizoid: High more Schizotypal: High Antisocial: High Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: Low Avoidant: High Dependent: Moderate Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate
  11. TSK

    Dungeon maps and spam filter

    They look better like that because it matched the style of drawing in RuneScape. The new piece of crap looks horrible when stuck in with the rest of the graphics and is a eye sore. It's worse than when they updated the skill icons.
  12. I'm sorry, who ever said it was a contest?
  13. RuneScape is fun and all, but it dulls out at when you get to a high-level. After around level 80 in a certain skill (Sometimes lower) the task needed to level up said skill because tiresome and repetitive*. I suggest making either skills that don't become so repetitive, or reworking it in a way where you can gain experience while not doing the same thing 5 bazillion times. *The stated fact may not be true for P2P, as I am a F2P.

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