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  1. Another friend who wanted to contribute:
  2. Posting for an eager friend:
  3. Hi, Post calf pics! I'll start. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/315482478527643650/1134667806957387927/20230729_0402443.jpg
  4. Hey, Yeah he's great, he's in college right now in Rhode Island. Send him a message I think he checks sals sometimes. Yeah runescape is really strange now.
  5. Hi guys, Idk if you remember me, but I was just reminiscing about my days on Runescape and of course i remembered this forum. Whats up? How's it going? Is sals bigger or smaller? PS holy crap i've been registered on this forum for six years
  6. I just remembered this forum, and wanted to see how many of you guys actually remember me... So yeah. Also, my signature is muppety and I've been on this forum for almost 4 and a half years.
  7. Lol

    Hi There

    Just remembered this forum and wanted to pop in and say hi. so hi. Oh yeah, someone take over my 99 pray rewrite. It's too sexy to be abandoned
  8. It's been an absolutely fantastic 4 years and 5 days, I have to say I've developed a maturity that I didn't know about because of you guys. I have no special thanks because I love everybody here. The reason I've decided to leave is that I've come on these forums so rarely in the past month, it's barely worth it. Again, thank you very much Sals. Lol/Mage Kid3333 Signing off.
  9. Lol


    Directv is a cable/television provider in the US, but is it pronounced Direct TV, Direc TV, or Direct V :(
  10. iPod Touch 3/4, MacBook from '08, and a Magic Mouse.
  11. Lol


    pepper, oregano
  12. www.ted.com/talks/tan_le_a_headset_that_reads_your_brainwaves.html This is actually amazing, the possibilities are literally endless.
  13. All right, I added paragraph breaks and spoiler'd it.
  14. source: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1yVCFR/web.a...rticles/bs.html
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