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  1. Jaaaames

    Edgeville Dungen Raid!

    This can be closed now
  2. Jaaaames

    Edgeville Dungen Raid!

    Thanks ;] Anyone Else gonna look at ths topic?
  3. Jaaaames

    Edgeville Dungen Raid!

    By the KsaFusion Events Team! World :: 134(F2P) Date :: Saturday 25th April 2009 Time :: United Kingdom: 9pm United States Eastern Time: 4pm United States Central Time: 3pm United States Mountain Time: 2pm (1pm for Arizona) Eastern Australia: 7am (26th April) Start :: Entrance to Edgeville Dungeon Host(s) :: James (Jamse06) & Nathan (Chevy140) Information :: We will meet at Edgeville Dungeon Entrance, just South of Edgeville Bank in the yard with the Yew Trees in it. We're going to start at the beginning of Edgeville Dungeon, and fight our way through the dungeon killing all the mosters at a time before moving on to the next lot. Until we finally reach the Giants at the end! We recommend bringing armour and a weapon since you will be fighting, and food for low levels! We will also bring a bit of food if anyone needs it. Users from other website's forums will be attending too, so there will be many more people there! Ways To Get There :: Amulet of Glory teleport then switch to Freeplay server Teleport to Falador/Varrock then Walk East/West Walking, Obviously So Put It On Your Calendars + We Hope To See You All There!
  4. Jaaaames


    o.o 78! You'll get a lot more points there since its the official world and ther'll be more people to get them. When others get them, you get them too, so the more people, the more points.
  5. Jaaaames


    Hey, At 8pm GMT today (3pm), I want everyoneeeeeee to be at the Vinesweeper mini game justti socialse and have fun! Go to any RuneScape Tool Leprechaun (located at all farming patches), and right click them and choose "Teleport". Seach online for guides to the minigame, you can get out of it: hunter xp, lots of very good seeds, farming xp and even money <3 Thanks, ~ James
  6. Jaaaames

    Ksafusion Essence Shop ~ Jobs Availible!

    Ok, Anyone can come pick up their orders whenever.. All completed.
  7. Jaaaames

    Ksafusion Essence Shop ~ Jobs Availible!

    17th august - Dei Wei/Dei Wei - 1500 rune ess You'll be notified on completion.
  8. Jaaaames

    Ksafusion Essence Shop ~ Jobs Availible!

    Hey, Because of the high demand for essence since the runecrafting guild came out, me and somone else from KSA are getting a lot of ess together for the shop. Any orders made, when we have the ess for them we'll message you on this forum or in-game if you're online. Thanks, ~ James
  9. Jaaaames

    Ksafusion Essence Shop ~ Jobs Availible!

    Hi, We dont pay you, you keep any money you make. You need to apply after registering here
  10. Jaaaames

    Ksafusion Essence Shop ~ Jobs Availible!

    Umm.. Just one slight problem.. Thats 1am My time.. Dunno if i can make it, but i'll try.
  11. Jaaaames

    Ksafusion Essence Shop ~ Jobs Availible!

    Forgot to post xD Delivered rockonebass' and dunder_miffl's orders. Also, i have 2000 rune essence for you.. If you can collect it.
  12. Cheap runes like these are rare! People should take advantage of this grea shop!
  13. Jaaaames

    Ksa Mining And Smithing Shop

    Wow.. Cheap ores and bars like these are rare! Buy everyone!

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