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  1. King of Quests

    Choccy's Log - 3000 Castle War Games

    Choc, It has come time for me to bow out on this account. Hope you remember the good times and the bad. I probably won't come back to Sal's, nor Runescape. But you never know what might happen in the future :( So, when you see me banned, you know why. Whole lotta love, KoQ
  2. King of Quests

    Choccy's Log - 3000 Castle War Games

    Woah, this was on Page 2 Spam king to the recueeeeeee :( Grats on the levels and the Sgs, hope you get more good stuff!
  3. King of Quests

    Choccy's Log - 3000 Castle War Games

    Grats on Sara Sword babe <3 Good to have you back! ~KoQ
  4. King of Quests

    Godwars Expansion V2

    Not true actually. Guthix interveined and banished all the gods to the dungeon, and then began repairing the land. Otherwise, it would just be a barren wasteland (like the wilderness)
  5. King of Quests

    Choccy's Log - 3000 Castle War Games

    Your only sad cause you don't get to spam her log any more Can i still have your luck please :P Noez. I was gunna throw funny as wedding. Then PWN YOU ALL!!! MWUAHAHA. Nah, I'll miss mai Choc cause I known her (and :wub:ed her( for a bery wong tiem :)
  6. King of Quests

    Choccy's Log - 3000 Castle War Games

    WAT?! MAI CHOC LEAVIN?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Why babeh, I was about to propose... Oh well, there's always Dani... Teh Bare returnz :)
  7. King of Quests

    Desert Slayer Boss

    Oh yeah, those ones. Uber easy for me, but then again, I used godswords and stuff
  8. King of Quests

    Best Membership

    Credit card is the cheapest. In Aus, it's about $8.20 a month. So, that's about the same in the US (judging by your spelling, that's where you live)
  9. King of Quests

    About To Be A Member

    Do what Sir H Potter said, but while doing Slayer, make sure that you pick up all drops, including the less valuable ones. They can still be sold to make some cash
  10. King of Quests

    99 Smithing?

    Do mith bolts until mith plates. Then do Mithril plates until Addy bolts Rinse and repeat with Addy bolts to Addy plates. And then I'd say go back to Addy bolts, with the occasional plate thrown in until 99. Then you can finish off all the bolts and get a truckload of Fletching exp. Hope I helped out!
  11. King of Quests

    Desert Slayer Boss

    Desert slayer boss??? What desert slayer boss? Never heard of anything like it. But I'm sure I've probably killed it, so it's easy
  12. King of Quests

    Underground Pass

    I think you have to get all that stuff again. Not sure, but check anyways
  13. King of Quests


    Grats on the almost 14m exp. Now, how are you going to snatch 1exp... Have fun figuring that out!
  14. King of Quests

    Choccy's Log - 3000 Castle War Games

    Grats on all the recent levels mai darlin. Again (for like the 3rd time ) Good luck with w/e your doing now
  15. King of Quests

    Another Prayer!

    It prevents for 5 minutes, I tested it out myself. And it does affect disease, slightly

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