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  1. I'm thankful, relieved, and grimly satisfied he's dead, but the pictures of laughing/cheering/flag waving screaming folks are kinda disturbing. It's just.....I can't imagine being that happy and rejoicing that someone is dead. Cheeringly wildly over one man's death just seems....barbaric? And kinda vicious in it's own way.
  2. I've got a Wacom Bamboo for like $60, it pretty much does everything I need it to. Size wise I've heard there are pros and cons for the small and the really big ones, so middle of the road might be best, maybe like 6X8 or slightly bigger. If you have the money to drop, you can get a really nice Cintiq. People who have them rave about them, but I've never used one.
  3. Duckie stamp is too cute, it will take over the world!
  4. Zelly Needs money to buy votes for election
  5. Adding myself, cause I killed my bank on shopping spree List of the Mighty
  6. It is cold and I smell like poo. Edit: I AM OUT.
  7. Got a text from a phone I don't know: "I'm pregnant! Due in Nov!" Congrats? Oh no? WHO ARE YOU? I forgot to add my sister-in-law, so maybe?.... Glad I'm not a guy though. That could be a sort of heartattack text haha.
  8. Zelly (wooo on time this time!) spend most of it on prayer....probably give the rest away
  9. All things fade away, perhaps more so on the interwebs as newer fads come along (look at myspace. Who uses myspace anymore?) I have no doubt that 20 years from now somehow runescape will come up in conversation with someone and we will laugh about the games that occupied us when we were younger. I used to play in like...1997? I will be surprised if anyone has even heard of it. It used to be awesome in it's prime though. Huge, solid player base, big guilds, insanely high lvl cap, content updates, mod events......then.....slowly.....nothing. Now it's hosted in some quasi-official fashion by a group of hardcore fans that only number in the low hundreds. This is what I see eventually happening to runescape. It will linger, but in meager huddles, abandoned by it's company, barely recognizable from what it once way. But it still has years ahead before it gets there. As times change people change too. I barely say a word in the forums or in chat anymore. So yea eventually Sals you will fade away also. Or maybe morph into something else entirely (WoW guild, lolz). Communities are odd things. Well that was kinda a semi morbid rant. >_>
  10. Best thing you can do it go check out some real sports magazines. Look at the font types (and go download some free ones). Don't go over board on pictures, you in a spotlight sounds a lot more managable than you in a spotlight with D.C. or grass behind you. Maybe put D.C. into a smaller framer in a corner with it's own caption?
  11. I don't mind the fractal bit except where the blue cuts through his face. It's such a big focal spot and recognizable thing to have a bright line cutting across it. Maybe taper it off a bit so that it sticks more around his clothing?
  12. It has its ups and downs, like any job. Pro: I'm surrounded by children all day. I love kids. They say stuff that makes me laugh out loud and will imagine the most insane things. They are entertained by the most random things. They have the most incredible smiles, the type adults have forgotten how to use. Plus I'm like a 6 yr old at heart so I love children toys and make an awesome play person. Con: I'm surrounded by children all day. They never stop talking. They make messes out of everything. Their logic and social circuits aren't quite there yet so they are hard to reason with. They whine and cry about the stupidist things. Mostly, I love it. Nap time, however....nap time is a hellish war zone. I would get rid of it personally. Some of the class sleeps, but I think they could all easily go without it. And probably sleep better each night for it. I just have a few kids who seriously act out during nap. One needs to be on some meds: screaming, kicking, laughs maniacally and spits in your face. Only during nap. It's like being forced to lie down makes him CRAZY. Super ADHD? Other kids will likely be in special class once they hit "real" school, and just make farting noises and stuff. If I punish, they do more. If I reward for not doing, they start doing it. If I try to talk to them logically, nothing. If I ignore them, they do it louder until it can't be ignored. And since it makes other kids laugh or wakes them up, I basically get in a war everyday during nap time. Not helping is fact that the room is insanely hot and we have been strictly told not to mess with the thermostat. I would never hit a child, but when I'm burning up and angry and frustrated, the thought has crossed my mind. Shamefully, but it's been there: "I wish I could hit you, maybe then you'd listen. Would you understand that I'm not playing around?" The daycare is kinda shady also. Awesome facility, crap management. They have too many kids and not enough employees (which is illegal in childcare, there is suppose to be a set ratio of like 1:10) so they will pull employees from other areas and try to fool parents. Except they are retarded about it. Like today, they put the secretary in our room for 20 minutes while some parents were picking their kids up. The parents aren't stupid, they know she's the secretary and is not in there all day. So the parents are mad now, and the director is stupid and doesn't care. She keeps adding more kids to our room even though there is no room. Literally. All the tables all full. There is no more floor space at nap time. But she insists, and tells us to work it. Everyone hates her. One parent may be complaining to the state to see if the center can get sued. Well as I wrote this I drank half a bottle of wine so it kinda turned ranty. Oh well. Summary: Like the job, except for nap time, want to stab director lady in the face. Edit: And no luck on 2nd job. Library thing fell through. Barnes and Noble interviewed and I really thought I would get it, but then got a "sorry no thanks" letter. Red Lobster is still mad at more for quitting, which is stupid and frustrating because I know they are short people and need the help.
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