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  1. Hello everyone, and welcome to my gallery which I hope will revive the PKing forum! Names of Pures: Range/2h: Joskerz Range/2h Tank: Sodster Onto The Pictures! Request what you would like to see also, these kills are in order of time and are sorted into the pures' kills. I will be posting stats of both pures soon if it's in high demand. Highest Value Kill - 1.2m Sodster 1-10 1-20 Joskerz 1-10 Thanks for viewing
  2. Hey Guys!! If you were wondering what happened to my pure xJoska's pure log/gallery well, he got def accidently and now I have started a new pure, which I have had much success on, particularly this kill. The new pure's name is Joskerz by the way. Total P/C on this kill was 300k so heppyy :( I was so excited that I looted the dragonhide (t) legs before i took teh pictures lol. :3 Stats atm are 40 attack 46 Strength 50 ranged 1 Def 39 Combat! thanks, I will start up a new gallery for my pure or use the existing one, expect many more kills. I've gotten already like 10 kills some of which over 100k and the pking has been running very smooothlyy.
  3. joska

    F2p Range/2h Pk Gallery

    Thanks for the feedback :( I will post a stats picture now and I'll definitely try and get the pic of them on the floor. ~ joska P.S better kills will be appearing!!
  4. Welcome to Joska's Gallery Of Kills Current Kill Count: 16 They are shown in order of occurrence. Thanks for viewing, should be posting regularly. Just reached 48 Combat so I will have a break in order to train to max stats for around 50 Cmb? I'm going for 40/65/70 or something higher if i wish. Also just one question: why are so many pures, strength pures especially, beginning to use battleaxe for KO and also long swords instead of a scim? just wondering. CURRENT STATS: Maxed for 47 Combat I didn't actually give back :( just showing the price hehe Only ate once.
  5. joska

    Joska's F2p Range/2h Pure's Skill Log

    Thanks a heap dude, means a lot! :D
  6. joska

    Joska's F2p Range/2h Pure's Skill Log

    Dude, first of all I dont have membership. Secondly, I got 3m from cutting yews on my main recently and also leftover cash from when I quit and after i cleaned my main. Please don't just assume things as I've worked really hard to get my pure up and running. P.S I'm always going to be free to play and never have been a member. Thanks
  7. joska

    Range/2h Guidelines Help

    Thanks a lot guys Questions answered :(
  8. joska

    Range/2h Guidelines Help

    Okay well what are 3 main builds a range/2h can use? Obviously 40/50/60 but if i was looking to start pking at a higher level what are the optimal stats? thankyou for your response!
  9. Hi everyone! So basically I started this range/2h pure 2 days ago and these are the accounts stats: I'm currently in the process of training my strength and range up to beyond 60. And I have some questions about my pure. Should I get prayer? And if so when and at what levels? Is it worth getting to 45 attack in order to use a Gravite 2h? Heres also a link to my skill log if you would like to keep up to date: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=352714 Thankyou! ~ joska
  10. joska

    Joska's F2p Range/2h Pure's Skill Log

    Thankyou very much Andrew! Hopefully I can reach them all.
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Josh, I'm 14 years old and I am from Australia and this is the log of my Range/2h account xJoska. I have just returned to Runescape after a long break regarding the Free Trade and Wilderness updates. I quit around '08 and have been off and on since then but this is my actual return. You will generally be able to find me on World 108 and either of the High-Risk F2P Pking worlds. I will be actively working on this character and posting screenshots for you to see. Also, I currently post regularly on my Pking gallery after reaching decent stats and if you'd like to check it out here is the link: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=352957 So, lets get to it! :( Starting Bank: Starting Stats: Goals: Mid Term Goals: 40 Attack 60 Strength 1 Defence 60 Range 25 Mage 60 HP Long Term Goals: 40 Attack 80 Strength 1 Defence 80 Range 37 Mage 80 HP Training: 30-40 Attack - Strength - Ranged at AlKharid Warriors 40+ Attack - Strength - Ranged at Flesh Crawlers 1-25 Mage Splashing at Zamorak Monk, Varrock Castle Updates: Since 24/9/2011 I have Gained: 10 Attack Level(s) 30 Strength Level(s) 37 Ranged Level(s) 31 Constitution Level(s) 24 Mage Level(s) Milestones: 40 Attack 60 Strength Donations: If anyone would be willing to donate a signature of any kind to me linked to this post that would be greatly appreciated, Thankyou!
  12. Absolutely love this video man, definitely brings back lots of memories. And also a very fitting song for the video. It brings back lots of good times.
  13. joska

    Shield Of Arrav Partner

    I've been looking for a partner for a while now and couldn't find one so i went to the forums. Could anyone help? I haven't chosen a clan yet (black arms or phoenix) and if u could tell me which clan you are that would be great. Thanks!
  14. joska


    I've watched all episodes that have been released so far. but i am an aussie so i can't just watch it on normal telly. I have to agree though it is probably my favourite show of all time... I LOVEE ITT
  15. joska

    Antilopi's Underbanner Shop

    Anti for ruler of the world.

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