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  1. Diamental

    The Bunny Kit Game Charsets!

    I'm liking the screenshot Zach nice work
  2. Diamental

    Free Kit Template :p

    Your IT needed sprites? xD sweet hehe I've used it many times in games before just never thought about making a kit out of it lol
  3. Diamental

    Free Kit Template :p

    Exactly gifs/games/kits anything is possible hehe and its no problem
  4. Diamental

    Free Kit Template :p

    Clicky! There is the free template, with lots of animations maybe one of them will make a perfect kit for you huh? So what I was thinking was to get a few people creating a kit out of this template, and then let the other people who aint creating it judge on peices every now and then. So what ya think? If your interested please do say so but if not feel free to use the template on anything, its free! ^_^ *EDIT: Feel free to alter the template in anyway
  5. Diamental

    Rex's Rpg Game Kit

    Good on ya just start with simple stuff and get more complicated, try make a mario game with no animations, then try make it again with animations. Once you've done that let me know
  6. Diamental

    Rex's Rpg Game Kit

    Thankyou I thought I'd just use a simple program for this: GameMaker
  7. Diamental

    Rex's Rpg Game Kit

    I was thinking the same thing :) Diamental: are you going to keep these kinds or armor and change the names or just re-do the armor in general? Because i don't think you want to use "rune armor" if its not a Runescape-based game. He's not using the runescape armour in his game. He uses custom, the runescape armour is just for use with everyone. Exactly what Zachh said :D thankyou hehe, I started this kit as just a normal RS kit, but then decided to make my own custom items and turn it into a game, which is working perfeclty well atm ^_^ Edit: sk8skull thankyou xD Yeah I agree the female does look a bit off, I'll have another go. And Ambo I bet ur a big ladies man :P hehe thanks for the posts guys, gunna update it in 2 mins ;)
  8. Diamental

    Rex's Rpg Game Kit

    Thanks for the hair Zach, looks great keep it up :P and thankyou Jordo ^_^ always nice to get some good comments hehe
  9. Diamental

    Rex's Rpg Game Kit

    Hehe awesome avvy ;) All I really need atm is just custom armors that you'd like to see in the game
  10. Diamental

    Rex's Rpg Game Kit

    Games goin great Zach ;) not much time to work on it these days but going great, thanks! I do like the armor Saber :) keep up the good work
  11. Diamental

    Rex's Rpg Game Kit

    Cheers Ethan ;) Nope this game aint gunna be RS based, just all customs, birds eye view items would be great, but if you make armour then make the avatar equivalent too
  12. Diamental

    Rex's Rpg Game Kit

    Thankyouu I may try adding more colour to the platebodies but I'm planning on remaking the armor needed for the game and giving it more detail. Tell me what you think of the new screenshots pleaaaaaaaaase ;)
  13. Diamental

    Rex's Rpg Game Kit

    Heyyy ;) Okay straight to the point, here is my kit which I am currently making a game out of (with my own team (ECHO)). Please feel free to use this kit in any manner but don't take any credit to your self! Also, heres some early previews of the game: *New The reason I've added this to Sal's is mainly beacuse I need more items for the game, if you create an item good enough to go into the game your name will be shown in the credits. If I think you've submitted great quality to the game you may even find your self in the game its self :) Enjoy! Rex
  14. Diamental

    The State Of Pixel Art On Sal's Forum.

    I wouldn't call this a rant, more of a majority upset. The line tool doesn't bother me, not at all, the [i[brush[/i] tool does. I did go to far with the whole "blob" thing, but grabbing the biggest stencil on the brush tool and having nearly no shading doesn't help either. And the fact that people post buddy kits and claim it as their pixel makes me mad to. I'm just saying. It makes you mad now does it? Have you ever pixeled or made a kit by any chance?
  15. Diamental

    The State Of Pixel Art On Sal's Forum.

    not yelo has a good point, and tbh it shouldnt matter if someone pixels aint as good as a pro like Ethans. I say just be happy that people are actualy coming here and posting what they've created, sure give them some CC but dont be too harsh on them just because they aint that good, right?

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