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  1. Gengar

    Issue #7 Of The Newspaper!

    Nice I sent a application! =D Luving the paper Sal! Good job Newspaper Crew!
  2. Free play guide clickables arn't that hard. If you have HTML knowledge it's just using... I forget what they're called but Image Maps. Yea. Nice job Neo!
  3. Gengar

    Temple Of Ikov Beat!

    Thanks guys. now I'm trying to complete all F2P quests that don't give reward exp for attack, defence, or strength!
  4. Gengar

    Hannah Montanna

    I like her. The looks and voice. I in fact listen to some of her songs. She is also pretty if I may add. Who else likes her?
  5. Gengar

    Firefox - Speed Painting

    This is my brand-spankin' new video. Artistic if I may add. I call it. FireFox Logo - SPEED PAINTING. http://youtube.com/watch?v=3uOb9wCiDas PLEASE GIVE IT A RATING! Comment is always nice as well! :lol:
  6. Gengar

    School Dances

    For someone who can type worth crap I am surprised you got a gf. Just be yourself and don't be a dick.
  7. Gengar

    Awesome Kid Playing Guitar

    I have seen this a long time ago.
  8. Gengar

    Temple Of Ikov Beat!

    I am actually a pure ranger. ^_^
  9. Gengar

    16 Brand New Questhelps!

    Well this has to be helpful. Way to go Jagex.
  10. Gengar

    Gengar's Pixels!

    Thanks guys for the wonderful comments!
  11. Gengar

    Alien Life

    Oh I do believe in aliens. They are scary.
  12. Gengar

    Black History Month

    Isn't this month Hispanic Heritage Month? Anyways I think so, to celeberate all the famous blacks.
  13. Gengar

    The Jena Six

    They got what they deserved. If you injure someone you should get it back
  14. Gengar

    The Race To 99 Cook!

    Good luck you guys! tHIS SHALL BE interesting!
  15. Gengar

    Temple Of Ikov Beat!

    Bad reply - SPAM! ^ Woot.

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