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  1. Gengar

    Hannah Montanna

    I like her. The looks and voice. I in fact listen to some of her songs. She is also pretty if I may add. Who else likes her?
  2. Gengar

    Issue #7 Of The Newspaper!

    Nice I sent a application! =D Luving the paper Sal! Good job Newspaper Crew!
  3. Free play guide clickables arn't that hard. If you have HTML knowledge it's just using... I forget what they're called but Image Maps. Yea. Nice job Neo!
  4. Gengar

    Temple Of Ikov Beat!

    Thanks guys. now I'm trying to complete all F2P quests that don't give reward exp for attack, defence, or strength!
  5. Gengar

    Temple Of Ikov Beat!

    After day in and out I beat Temple of Ikov!
  6. Gengar

    Resolution Outbreak

    RESOLUTION OUTBREAK Written By: Gengar CHAPTER ONE - INTRODUCTION The light beams down to earth. Almost as if it were destroying it... I find myself backed up into a corner. Along side is my best friend and my other friend. We hear zombies, not just any zombies but deadly assassin AI zombies. Next to me is a .40 pistol and a shotgun loaded with a lot of ammunition. Far over on the other side is a group of survivors who've managed to stay alive so far. The question is now... What do we do next? * * * "Wake up Murdoch!" shouted mom from downstairs. I hear the frying pan sizzling. Mom is making eggs. I get myself dressed with the usual t-shirt and pants that seem to fit my style at the moment. I walk down to the kitchen to eat the eggs. I seem to realize why I'm waking up so early on a Saturday. "Murdoch today is your doctor's appointment." reminded Mom. "Oh yeah. completely forgot! Well let's go." As we came into the waiting room Mom reminded me that today is my big checkup. So they had to set everything up. I'd be waiting longer in the waiting room. As I sat down I watched the national news. Their top story interested me. Headline: Scientist experimenting with new virus put to trial. It seems that the scientist were found experimenting with a dangerous and toxic virus. That is against the law ever since the outbreak in 2022. The whole metropolis had to be rebuilt due to the attacks of the 1st virus. "Murdoch Javachi" said the nurse as she peered into the waiting room. I walked up to her with my mom and she told us to wait in Room V. Few minutes passed by and my local doctor walked in and asked us a few questions. "Morning Murdoch, the usual routine, but today you get you're annual shot." I worried nothing of it. The shot was to keep my body immune to any virus and the virus from 2202. The shot is for the good of my health; not for the pain in my body. By big checkup mom meant a shot. "So is Murdoch going through anything we should know about?" questioned the doctor. Mom answers the questions for me. Sometimes I answer them myself when I know the correct answer. After all they are about me. "Well he's been getting into the habit of losing concentration when he's doing something." answered Mom. After a few more questions dealing with my mixed activity and concentration loss the doctor finalized that I had ADHD. Nothing to serious but I had it. "Well son, you learn something new everyday." said Mom. "Well I guess that concludes this session, thanks for you're time. Your next checkup is due in 16 weeks. Check the reception desk on your way out." said the doctor as we headed for the door. As we got into the car mom asked me what was going through my mind. I said, "Stuff, you know... School, Girls, Viruses, Outbreaks." Mom looked at me with a stranger glare. CHAPTER TWO - COMING SOON!
  7. Gengar

    Firefox - Speed Painting

    This is my brand-spankin' new video. Artistic if I may add. I call it. FireFox Logo - SPEED PAINTING. http://youtube.com/watch?v=3uOb9wCiDas PLEASE GIVE IT A RATING! Comment is always nice as well! :lol:
  8. Gengar

    School Dances

    For someone who can type worth crap I am surprised you got a gf. Just be yourself and don't be a dick.
  9. Gengar

    Awesome Kid Playing Guitar

    I have seen this a long time ago.
  10. Gengar

    Temple Of Ikov Beat!

    I am actually a pure ranger. ^_^
  11. Gengar

    Gengar's Pixels!

    Rate or hate. made these about two years ago. I like the mage and the flail the best.
  12. Gengar

    16 Brand New Questhelps!

    Well this has to be helpful. Way to go Jagex.
  13. Gengar

    Gengar's Pixels!

    Thanks guys for the wonderful comments!
  14. Gengar

    Alien Life

    Oh I do believe in aliens. They are scary.
  15. Gengar

    Black History Month

    Isn't this month Hispanic Heritage Month? Anyways I think so, to celeberate all the famous blacks.
  16. Gengar

    The Jena Six

    They got what they deserved. If you injure someone you should get it back
  17. Gengar

    The Race To 99 Cook!

    Good luck you guys! tHIS SHALL BE interesting!
  18. Gengar

    Temple Of Ikov Beat!

    Bad reply - SPAM! ^ Woot.
  19. you got some achievments. hats off to you. =D
  20. Gengar

    Tutorials System Is Back!

    Good job Salmoneus on getting the tutorial system back up and running!
  21. Gengar

    Does Naruto Suck?

    I really think. But that is just my opinion.
  22. Gengar

    Albert2006xp - 2 Years Of History

    Wow i haven't got that MUCH done in two years!!! Wow,.
  23. Gengar

    ♣ Dannys Barrows Log ♣

    i have seen your name before. Good luck my man with your barrow powah!!
  24. You seem like a smart poster who's been here a while...

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