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  1. Acid

    The Old World Select

    Pssh, that's hardly old. I preferred the one were it would tell you the location of all the servers and listed the worlds underneath them. But those days are over
  2. Acid

    A Little Help About Money

    Try and get your hands on herb seeds and plant them. Do slayer tasks and farm in the herbs afterwards. Skill wise RC, fish and woodcutting are stable cash, RC should bring in 300k/hr using the abyss at your level then increase as you level (can be higher if you're faster). At least if you go the slayer/farm route you'll bring cash in as you level.
  3. Acid

    Main Str Training

    Try and get membs, you'll need to do some quests anyway once that's out of the way Dscimmy + rune defender with slayer is a good option to train.
  4. Acid

    Security Help

    You should be fine now, as the king suggested MSE is a good free AV.
  5. Acid

    Solo Bandos God Wars Guide

    In practice it doesn't always absorb 20% range damage.
  6. Acid

    Summoning Help

    If you do slayer for a week maybe two you'll get the charms + some combat experience. The higher up slayer monsters also have an amazing charm drop rate. It's a slow process since you'll need a lot of crimsons.
  7. Acid

    Java Problem On Ubuntu

    Download ubuntu restricted extras; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats Also what version of ubuntu are you running?
  8. Acid

    Barrows Chest

    Well even though studmuffin is right in a certain respect we don't actually know the chances or what system jagex actually has. It's mearly speculation derived from years of drop logs. So yes you're both debating over nothing lol. If you've got the money and enjoy it carry on but it's not stable income so if you're purely looking for money maybe break it up with skilling to even out your loses
  9. Acid

    Body Modifications And Scars

    Love that song, nice tats
  10. Acid

    Anyone Have $16k?

    That's gotta be the cutest little DAC i've ever seen I personally would go with a 26" 2560x1600 monitor if i had the cash as well as a 1980x1080 projector which wouldn't cost that much - however £400 every year or so would gradually become a hindrance
  11. Acid

    Anyone Have $16k?

    WHAT?? A PAIR??? insanity. I've been very keen on retiring my computer as a HTPC actually... but I always find someone better to spend my money on
  12. Acid

    Melee Steel Dragons

    Since nearly all my slayer tasks are metal dragons despite the update. Last week I killed roughly 600 metal drags steel/iron - LBS > Whip > Scimitar was my conclusions. LBS hit more often especially against steels, irons it didn't matter so much. Also you can't use zammy spear without super anti fires which you need rather high herblore for. Overall best way would be to mage/range them. Steels take waaay to long to melee.
  13. Acid

    Nature Runes

    Fast free double natures or buy them (very cheap at the moment). It will take too long through killing monsters.
  14. Acid

    Laptop Accessories

    Targus are rock solid i've used over 1000 of their cases. Ugly as hell though, but maybe that's just me .
  15. I'm not sure if any of you remember but like a few days after construction came out someone actually went on a massive rampage and killed everyone with ice barrage. Was pretty lols

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