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  1. Bob Reborn

    League Of Legends

    Maybe things were just different when there wasn't as much of a focus on competitive play? I dunno. Don't get me wrong, the game's still great and there's a few decent people out there.
  2. Bob Reborn

    League Of Legends

    Have an account back in garena SEA, quit after Maokai release. Made a account here in NA and been playing for a few weeks now. They added a lot of stuff, new masteries, summoners, but they removed fortify and some others. Also, did something happen? People are all claiming roles right at champ select now, in normal queue. And people seem a lot more toxic I guess? People are cussing each other out for 'ks'ing/bad moves. I guess because NA has a more outspoken (no offense) community? Also felt better when people weren't forced/compelled to do the whole stable team thing. Support + ADC bot, solo top, etc. Back then, in normal queue ADC could go mid, without having to do any call mid stuff. Only arguement people had were in who took mid/bad playing. Only time people cared about team comps were in ranked, which made sense. I'm still having fun, it's just not the same I guess. :/ Sorry about the rant. Also just noticed dodge was removed, whyyy
  3. Bob Reborn

    Is Smoking "gay"?

    Nice to see onion is still running. Though I think the ad would probably work.
  4. Bob Reborn

    Nugtella - basically, Nutella with...

    defiling nutella
  5. Bob Reborn

    Bike riding!

    I ride a 7 year old sorta rusty blue bike around town, or to get somewhere. The company/brand/series somehow faded off. The only difference I feel between my old bike and newer bikes is I don't need to pedal as hard. So I never bought a new one, but then again I don't do any stunts or off-road stuff.
  6. Bob Reborn

    Willow Cutting

    I go to port sarim's area, NOBODY is ever there in F2P, and the behind the prison is a nice place to firemake after cutting willow logs.
  7. Bob Reborn

    Most Underrated Titles?

    BattleFront 2 felt like a cheap copy of Battle Field 2, even though in my heart I knew Battle Front 1 was a copy of battle field 2, battle front 1 felt better. Don't ask.
  8. Bob Reborn

    PC Gaming Club

    Seriously, change it. ME was bad enough in it's hay day, using it now is just stupid. Hell, even using 2000 now which was quite good when it was released isn't wise since the security issues involved with running a decade old OS are unimaginable. Linux is free, tell me your system spec and i'll tell you exactly what to do. Listen to the man. You'll be able to use your computer again. Even if your going to just have it for another month it's worth it. This'll explain a reason as to why to avoid ME.... I lol'd! Not trying to offend Linux users in any way possible, but the Linux can play games? Oh, back onto what I was going to say in my post, has anyone pre-ordered Amnesia:Dark Descent yet? You can play it on the Mac, Linux, and Windows XP/Vista/7. The system requirements are also incredibly low. This looks like a really anticipated horror game (from the creators of Penumbra, if any of you know of it.) Prel. Minimum System Requirements OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 Processor: 1.5Ghz (Dual or Single? I don't know, doesn't say) Memory: 1024MB (In other words, 1GB of ram.) Disc Space: TBD (Don't ask.) Video Card: Radeon 9600/GeForceFX http://www.amnesiagame.com/#buy Save 10%. Gameplay trailer, Even without the discount, it is pretty cheap. So are the other penumbra games.
  9. Bob Reborn

    Most Wtf Moments In Gaming

    Reminds me, TF2, when I was targeting an enemy sniper as a spy (cloaked too) he just somehow headshotted me, when I asked him about it he said he was trying to reload and said he has his shoot on his keyboard, not liking the mouse. :\
  10. Bob Reborn

    The Worst Money Spent On A Game

    The second game of that is AWESOME. Probably BFBC2 and PROTOTYPE. You're strange, but everyone has different opinions. Same as how my friend simply hates my Resident Evil series for being, what he calls a messed up attempt of mixing game genres, or something.
  11. Bob Reborn

    Say Something Negative About The Above Poster

    Uses the typical sub-black skin.
  12. Bob Reborn

    Say Something Positive About The Above Poster.

    Has a walrus and a well-drawn pokemon.
  13. Bob Reborn

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

  14. Bob Reborn

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Carmelldansen... Don't ask.
  15. Bob Reborn

    Dm+ War!

    Jamster: 0 Neo Avatars: 16 Xaria: 37 Doom_: 31 Emanick: 13 Hawk: 9 jack-nicholson: 21 Morte: 35 Phoenix Rider: 6 Razorlike: 12 Sryen: 12 Hit:jack-nicholson Heal:Morte

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