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  1. WeePee

    Official Wow Thread

    I was pretty young when I did it and it's probably mainly nostalgia talking but I'm so excited to get lost in a game again. 1-60 was definitely a huge time sink (something I don't really have these days) but the game was more fun 1-60 rather than nowadays where the game doesn't start until the current expansion's max level. Excited :)
  2. WeePee

    Official Wow Thread

    Yo! Anyone playing WoW Classic?
  3. WeePee

    Hilarious Irc Quotes

    Honestly Yuanrang I met you a very long time ago and even when I was in a very immature state and clueless you were so incredibly helpful. I'm twenty-fudgeing-seven now and you're still exactly the same. That's absolutely admirable. I've actually just been speaking to Whitey, he had to reply to me as he mistakenly has Sal's notify him of personal messages, haha. Binneh on the other hand has been elusive for a very long time. If he ever reads this though; I hope everything is well for you. Aye, I remember coming home from school and then work and just talking absolute rubbish with so many people from these forums. Got me through some difficult times and I can honestly say I owe a lot to a lot of you guys. Life is crazy different now. I cannot believe how active some of you still are. How are things with you, Yuan? This thread is now the official oldie catch up thread. Me first: Living in Lancashire, UK working for NHS England (don't hurt me) as a back-end developer. On occasion playing video games and generally being amazing. I still carry my 'WeePee' handle with me sometimes but I'm more known as 'Khazii' now on videogames. I also go to Crete for a weeks holiday tomorrow so that'll be fun. I joined Sals before the forum was this version. Cannot for the life of me remember what that website was called where you could make free forums.. ivFusion or something crazy like that. I was a nobody back then, registered early on the current forum and began meeting so many awesome people. 15~ years ago. Mental.
  4. WeePee

    Hilarious Irc Quotes

    Will I be lynched for bumping this thread? I'll take the chance. Reading (skimming) this thread brought out some massive nostalgic emotions and now I'm really sad that I didn't stay in touch with a lot of people (for many reasons). Does anyone stay in touch with many people from back in the day of IRC? #Novus, #Habitat, #WeePee... etc... Is there a Sals Discord? I found one in an old thread but the link has expired. I made a temporary one if anyone wants to say Hi. https://discord.gg/kPZMtyc There are too many people to name that I want to talk to. Binneh is definitely one of my biggest influences he got me through a lot of shizzlety times in my life (all in the past now, however!) Don't suppose anyone speaks to him still? Whitey was as well! And many others :( - Ollie/WeePee/Warriorpro :) (sorry for bumping)
  5. Hello

    1. Yuanrang


      Long time no see, Mr. Pro. 

    2. WeePee


      Yuanrang! Been a while, hasn't it? 

    3. Yuanrang


      At least half a decade or more, I would imagine. :tongue:

  6. WeePee


    Well I'm a little late to this. Hey KB, beautiful post. I've not got much to say apart from I, too had really amazing friends that I had met through this website and I miss so many of them more and more every day, especially lately. I distanced myself from a lot of people, people who were kind and really cared about me (and I, them) but I still did it and stopped speaking or replying and ignored them. I regret it very much & if anyone reads this and wants to get back in contact please feel free to do so. I'd welcome a conversation with anyone that I used to speak to. I had been trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship for the last almost 7 years which was very bad. I'm out of that now. Hope you're doing well, I am quite literally late to this (by 16 months?). Heh :) Lots of love. Ollie/WeePee
  7. WeePee

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    I play Minecraft.
  8. WeePee


    Bring back old Sal's Wooooooooooooooooooo we miss NICOLE P
  9. WeePee

    How To Get A Runescape Boyfriend

  10. WeePee

    I'm Quitting Yay!

    Never come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  11. WeePee

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

    Perhaps we should report for a thread name change and a OP edit? So it's no longer misleading and people get worked up and over react to posts like we just witnessed. :D

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