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    somewher u belong
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    i play runescap, also like ROCK<br /><br />metal an rock rules rap is for noobs lol :-)

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    i;m not in 1
  1. fire dude95

    Does Naruto Suck?

    no are you kidding naruto rocks
  2. fire dude95

    You Should Be So Proud Of Me!

    wasnt talkin 2 u john...
  3. fire dude95

    Weapon Of Choice?

    i have 1 AK47 i shot someone before
  4. fire dude95

    Hannah Montanna

    if ur not like 5 years old you souldnt be watching te disney channel unless your a child predater watching hannah montana
  5. fire dude95

    Four Years. September 29, 2003-sept. 29, 2007.

    not as good as my stuff before i got baned for no reason but still pretty good 99 skills
  6. fire dude95

    Official Wow Thread

    i thouht you ment like what kind of armor he dropped how do i get to the armory
  7. fire dude95

    You Should Be So Proud Of Me!

    yah are you hot
  8. fire dude95

    New Guitar

    i have a squier telecastor it cost me a lot of money but IT ROCKS it was like a thousand dolars or something
  9. fire dude95

    You Should Be So Proud Of Me!

    are u a girl?
  10. fire dude95

    Official Wow Thread

    i just said i dont remember what armory he dropped!! it was a long time ago jeez
  11. fire dude95

    What's The Best Thing About The World?

    rock an metal and hard rock
  12. fire dude95

    Favorite Sport Drink

    gaterade is my fav
  13. fire dude95

    Fall Out Boy?

    i didnt say linkin parks heavy metal it is jsut regular metal and hard rock
  14. fire dude95

    Official Wow Thread

    Armory please? No offence but I seriously doubt you've killed illidan. ya i have my clan has killed him a lot i even went one time and we killed him on the first try. i dont know what armory he dropped i forgot

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