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    I am not sure if Hitler was a pro speaker to begin with. I heard he learned a lot about captivating listeners from some other guy. Not sure if Hitler completely relied on this guy or just wanted to improve his speaking.
  2. Newguyoo0


    Not really sure how accurate this is, but I heard that Hitler got too involved with his military. Basically compared to the the U.S., his military was more complicated and disorganized. So...my vote is neither genius or bonkers. Guess I will say...fool.
  3. Newguyoo0

    Things That Go Bump In The Night.

    A few days ago while I was shaving, a plastic bunny somehow fell off a shelf behind me. I just assumed it was a ghost and continued shaving.
  4. Newguyoo0

    Guy Sells Bottled Spirits In Online Auction

    I thought liquor at first too
  5. Newguyoo0

    Weird Experience --- Does Anyone Know What It's Called?

    Sorry, I don't know what it is. Never happened to me or anyone I know.
  6. Newguyoo0

    Should Hijacked Aircraft Be Shot Down?

    Not all skyjackers plan on committing suicide. Some do have demands. If the skyjackers did decide to do a suicide run, I am not so sure we would be able to shoot it down because they are not going to flat out tell us. The only ones who would admit they skyjacked, are ones who want something. To me its either we rescue the people or give in to the demands. In the case of suicide runs though, we are almost in a lose-lose unless we get enough warning time to stop the skyjackers. Even then, I am sure its not a walk in the park. So...not all skyjacked planes need to be shot down. If we know its a suicide run and we failed to save the hostages and we are out of time, then shoot it down. I think this should be the only case. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aircraft_hijacking
  7. Newguyoo0

    Should Hijacked Aircraft Be Shot Down?

    I don't think we should. Assuming we have the skyjackers demands or ransom and can't rescue the innocent people, I say we just admit we lost and give them their ransom or whatever as long as the hostages are safe. Then just become better prepared for next time. I think the people on board would rather die because we failed to save them instead of choosing not to save them.
  8. Newguyoo0

    Life On Other Planets

    I think there is life on other planets. Hopefully it is intelligent. We could always use a another partner to help us out and maybe an enemy to unite us finally.
  9. Newguyoo0

    Proof Of God

    I will admit that God has done some terrible things. The only possible way I think God can justify killing all of these people is, he is at war.
  10. Newguyoo0

    Concentration Problems

    I am not really sure what your problem is. You might not even have one, homework is boring. -.- Guess you can try taking some naps and doing some exercises to get some extra blood flow. Try taking some multi vitamins. I don't think you should drink energy drinks. I just stick with juice, water, silk and milk. Hope this helps you. I think eating fish might help too.
  11. Newguyoo0

    Am I A Psychopath?

    I am not sure if you are. Guess you could ask someone who is more qualified to answer though. My brother says that most people confuse having empathy with sympathy. Empathy is more of a super form of sympathy. If you had a lot of empathy and someone was hurt, you would feel the exact pain I think. With sympathy you would feel bad that the pain happened to them in the first place. Or something like that. I think its pretty rare to have a high level of empathy.
  12. Newguyoo0

    Chinese New Year!

    No, your brother was correct. Correct your Chinese spelling, though. It's a bit bad. :) I didn't spell it out myself. I copy and pasted what wikipedia said. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_new_year The info is under the greetings...I think I copied Hokkien maybe I should have gone for Hakka :)
  13. Newguyoo0

    Chinese New Year!

    I don't really celebrate it. Not really sure what I am suppose to say though....is it just: Happy New Year or something else? Hope you have a fun time. -.- My brother says: Gong Hay Fat Choi. Not sure if hes right or not. Would happy holidays work? EDIT: I think my brother meant this: Keong hee huat chye
  14. Newguyoo0

    Humans Are Flawed

    The term is, "Take it outside." Off the school grounds the principle can't do anything. She wouldn't have needed help with some apathy. I must be not be using the word "apathy" right. I meant that other students didn't care to help her at all. It wasn't fear that prevented them from helping her, it was just because they didn't feel like it. Thats what I think anyway. There are multiple ways to fight against people trying to lower your self esteem. I think the easiest one to do is realize the truth. Most of the name calling and insults are usually false, so getting worked up over some lies is just damaging yourself. To me fighting is best reserved for fighting for your or someone elses life. To me earning some cool points by winning a fight at school isn't worth it. All it did was take me out of a hole and put my opponent in it. If being in such a low self esteem state stinks so bad, putting someone else in it is not something I want to do.
  15. Newguyoo0

    Well This Sucks (shooting)

    You know how you don't give licenses to people with a tendency to go into road rage and ram other people when they are cut off? Yeah. If everyone is turtling and no one is getting killed all the better, when the police get there don't you think they are trained to identify their targets first? Well, I like how you think SWAT don't have the training of a Somalian Militia. I know police officers are trained to identify their targets. I was just pointing out some things that would delay a shootout enough for the police to get there. I think the police would attempt to stop and arrest all the shooters just to be safe. Or at least yell at people with weapons to put them down. This is just the basic strategy, I am sure they would have some better tactics though. So...either way, if you have a weapon your still causing a situation that the police have to take care of. Maybe instead of being armed with a weapon just wear some body armor
  16. Newguyoo0

    Well This Sucks (shooting)

    I am not really sure how a shootout will play out. I don't think anyone would just stand there shooting without cover. So...I guess if everyone just turtles that could slow things down. I also don't think they would have perfect accuracy, so a lot of misses might happen. Having bullets flying from one gun is bad enough, more could make things worse.
  17. Newguyoo0

    Well This Sucks (shooting)

    If more people were armed and attempted to stop the shooter themselves they could end up targets too. It would be too confusing for a police officer who just showed up. At least I think it might be...
  18. Newguyoo0


    This is a very tricky question. I think its nearly impossible to find a right level of censorship that will suit everyone. Some little kids are very mature and can handle some things other kids cannot at their age. There are some adults that can't handle some things like excessive violence. I don't think we should get rid of censorship. People will eventually get exposed to some bad things, but we can at least keep trying to give them more time to mature and understand things better when they do encounter it.
  19. Newguyoo0

    Too Many People On The Sidelines

    So far there are only less than lethal weapons...every weapon has a chance of causing death at this point. Unless someone can clue me in.
  20. Newguyoo0

    Humans Are Flawed

    I really wasn't talking about her...I was talking about other students around her and the bullies. As far as I know, no one stepped in to help her.
  21. Is there a more simplified version of this??? -.- :)
  22. Newguyoo0

    Wcb Stands For...?

    Wild cave boys Wind crazy bees Water cycle bums World crime bashers Weasal catching behemoths White carnivirous bats Weenie cooking brats Wonderful cannon ball Well, thats it for me.
  23. Newguyoo0

    What Is A God?

    So...I guess we need to discuss the qualifications to be a God. Has to be immortal, has all knowledge of the past and future, mastery over controlling physical and spiritual realms and basically any other abilities to make it unbeatable in any competition. There are more traits, but I don't really want to list them all.
  24. Newguyoo0

    What Is A God?

    I think God could use both natural and supernatural abilites. I think causing floods and death counts as natural, while bring someone back to life is a supernatural one. I think science might be able to mimic some of these abilites, but probably will have some mistakes. Gods results should always be exactly as planned. So for me, God is a force that can manipulate just about anything in range perfectly. God could do anything, but I personally think he setup some restrictions for itself. Either that or God is some big placebo effect.
  25. Newguyoo0

    9/11 Conspiracy...

    There was a show on the history channel about the 9/11 conspiracy. Loose change was mentioned and it said loose change was very selective on the info they released. Plus the experts were able to counter every theory. The one thing that the show pointed out that made me feel the conspiracy was wrong is the number of people that had to be in on it. The show said hundreds maybe even thousands had to be involved. With that many numbers the conspiracy is too complicated and not tight knit enough to be successful.

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