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  1. RandomSand555

    Pking Help?

    Tried that, lost 400k in two KO hits. Stepped off safe zone and died right there, no time to attack/eat/run. -.- Wow, didn't know I'd be this bad. Made this rune pure for pking, is there nothing I can can do to not totally fail? :)
  2. RandomSand555

    Pking Help?

    Me and a friend went PKing today and failed again. My Stats: (CB 82) Att 70 Str 78 (getting 80) Def 41 (getting 45) Pray 46 Mage 50 Range 61 HP 72 His Stats are: (CB 83) Att 65 Str 81 Def 51 Pray 43 Mage 38 Range 52 HP 72 (Fail -.- :) ) Equipment: DDS + DLONG Rune/SC set power ammy Inv: Monks or sharks, super set. We are going again later today in multicombat, any tips on tactics, levels, equipment, or anything else ill need to know? This will be my second trip ever in p2p pking so I need all the help I can get. What's good, what needs changed? Thanks, Lethal
  3. RandomSand555

    Prayer 70 - What Bones And How To Get Them

    You will get more XP per bone using the Ecto. Otherwise, upgrade to a guilded or stay with your current setup.
  4. RandomSand555

    Bored In Runescape

    1) is there anything left to do? After you finish all the quests, have good levels and a fair bit of cash, you've basically finished all you can do in F2P. Jegex says Runescape in F2P has 2000+ hours, but it doesn't really. 2) is the only option left to buy a membership- if so, wht is it woth it? I asked myself that when I was F2P, but after I joined I knew it was definitely worth it.
  5. RandomSand555

    What Combat Stats To Get?

    Okay, Ill consider that. Any other suggestions?
  6. RandomSand555

    What Combat Stats To Get?

    Looks good, but I did quest my defense, does that make a difference? Cool - time to lose all my cash -.-
  7. RandomSand555


    If you want the basics of Clan Chats here is a link which you could find useful. If you mean how to join a famous PKing clan or something of the sort, you'd have to find more info specifically about that clan to see if you qualify to join.
  8. RandomSand555

    What Combat Stats To Get?

    HP - 69 Att - 61 Str - 77 Def - 40 (quested) Range - 61 Mage- 50 Pray - 46 Summ - 1 What stats and equipment would make me an effective opponent in both PvM and PvP? I have 10.2M to spend, more soon (hopefully -.- ) . My thoughts were to get 80 strength, then get 70 strength for whip/dharoks axe, and either 60 def for dragon or 70 for full dharoks. What levels/equipment do you think I should get? -Lethal State
  9. RandomSand555

    60 Strength Or 60 Attack For Dragon Scimmy?

    ah okay thanks Im fairly sure the only dragon weapon needing strenth is Halberd, which requires 30. The rest only have a 60 attack requirement, provided you complete the quest.
  10. RandomSand555

    Monkey Madness Inventory Suggestions

    I just finished it a minute ago. I brought: a cannon 100 cbs (only used 13) Prayer Potion (4) x1 Varrock Teleport Tablet Wore: Rune plate and kite, red dhide legs, ring of life, dlong. When he comes, setup and fire cannon, stand back with Protect mage, and range or mage him while cannoning or run in with melee after he is below 10% hp. Obviously, you can change this to suit your cash and levels. Hope I helped!
  11. RandomSand555

    Green Dragons And Cannons

    Would I make more money if I brought a cannon? I am level 76 with 60 range. The cost isn't a concern, but will the cannon increase profit, and if so by how much? Finally, do cannons and cannonballs buy fast? Thanks, Lethal State
  12. RandomSand555

    Merchantin Help

    Yes, and his clan chat is SirSparhawke, he and his members help new people learn how and what to merch. Ill post the link in a second. EDIT: Can't find link :)
  13. RandomSand555

    Training Range

    Cows to 30, and Minotaurs to 40. The cowhides are a decent profit, and the minotaurs drops lots of iron arrows, you gain arrows if you can use few arrows. I started with 100 arrows and ended up with 900 when I was finished.
  14. RandomSand555

    I Need Help On Dragon Slayer

    Make sure you ask the Guildmaster ALL the options that are available, otherwise you cannot advance in the quest.
  15. RandomSand555

    Level Three Clue Scrolls

    Thanks for the help. Any idea what I should bring in my inventory? So far I was thinking of: Clue Scroll, Watch, Sextant, Chart, spade Prayer Potion (4) Super Antipoison (3) Ectophial, for emergency teleportation 19 Sharks secondary weapon

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