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  1. cwaka

    Runescape Names

    I originally picked Cwaka just randomly, don't remember how I came up with it, but it stuck. I've never changed it, although I've not been a member since they brought in that ability to change your name. My other account's name Rusty Banjo is much better i'm sure all would agree.
  2. cwaka

    When I Was Your Age:

    When I was your age we had no tutors to spoonfeed us information we had to find it out ourself
  3. cwaka


    Same here, I was just called a beanpole for the first time the other day. I never bothered about it before but now that I'm so tall all of a sudden i dont like being this thin, I'm sure its not unhealthy or anything but I want to get bigger muscles. I do situps and pushups and go for runs regularly and often do weights but nothing changes.
  4. cwaka

    Becoming A Member

    Do what I did when I first became a member. Just go wild, explore places, do quests, play Castle Wars, and of course train skills. Levelling up skills is so much easier in Members.
  5. cwaka

    Ranged Training

    Are the Moss Giants at Crandor a good spot for lvl 40 ranged in freeplay? I'm level 82 and theres safe spots I think.
  6. What super uber update? What's happening?
  7. Excellent. Nice to see they're taking real action now. Any pictures of the fool?
  8. cwaka

    Runescape On Console?

    I've been thinking about this too, cool to see I'm not the only one. I'm sure it would be too much to have the entire Gielinor they could just have the F2P world, with all the quests, skills and everything. I think it would be impossible to have worlds bustling with thousands of online players, I may be wrong (I hope so) so in that case they could make it so that the only online features are Clan Wars, Duel Arena, etc.
  9. cwaka

    Post Your Time Played!

    Why is this members only? That's bullshizzlee. Anyway, I'm interested to know how much time I've spent on RS. I started playing in 2006 and my most frequently played year was the first half of 2008, when I played obsessively in most of my free time.
  10. cwaka

    I'm Might Have Done Something Stupid

    I did this too, back when I was a member. I bought the dragon longsword before I could wield it. There's no problem with that. I can't even remember which quest it is because I havent been active in so long but it's not very hard and you'll get there before you know it.
  11. cwaka

    Runescape Classic Question

    I dont want to gamble, as I only have one membership card and dont want to waste it, because I'm not active on Runescape right now and wouldnt get a lot out of it. So I think I'll just wait out for the 6 months.
  12. cwaka

    Fill Me In

    I havent been playing regularly since June 2008 but I've logged in occassionally. For the running thing, basically there are these music players located around the world. If you go to them, they restore your run energy. It's bollocks IMO, yes it makes it easier but its a stupid idea.
  13. cwaka

    Runescape Classic Question

    Hey right now would I still be able to become a member and play RS Classic? It's only 7 PM here in UK or is has it ended earlier today.

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