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  1. I got one as well. God damn I had some good times here.
  2. Nathan Green

    F2p/p2p Pures

    What you want is to get 40 attack for a rune scim and get your strength up as high as you can. You could also make a range pure or Mage pure. What used to be best was to get the 40 attack and high strength and then work on Mage (useful for bind) and range once you start to get more competitive as a pker. It's also good to get your prayer up to get 'protect item'. That's how a lot of people did it in the old wild, which is coming back. I hope that answerd your question. Stay out of p2p until you are really confident and have a good knowledge of what you're doing.
  3. Nathan Green

    I've Not Been Here For A Few Years.

    Not after the operation. And this is the reason I've missed this place.
  4. Nathan Green

    I've Not Been Here For A Few Years.

    Thanks for the Ice Cold Slams I recognize Cxkslei, Morte, Bretballer40, Arianna, Yankee and Arianna. Arianna, didn't you used to be a bear called Dani?
  5. Nathan Green

    I've Not Been Here For A Few Years.

    . We should start a cable network show in your basement and call it "Bryan's World" Thanks for the welcoming everyone. That lack of Slams is quite disturbing
  6. Nathan Green

    I've Not Been Here For A Few Years.

    The doesn't mean I don't love you. Lol. Have a Slams!
  7. Damn, I’ve missed this place. Out of all the other forums I’ve posted on this one has to of been the best. I even missed Zombie Kid So what's been going on around here? All these smiley faces are bringing back memories!
  8. Nathan Green

    Your Top 5 Must Have Albums

    The Stone Roses 'The Stone Roses' Sex Pistols 'Never Mind The Bollocks' The Libertines 'Up The Bracket' Oasis 'Definitely Maybe' Blur 'Parklife'
  9. Nathan Green

    American-british War

    this event will fail
  10. Nathan Green

    Which Mcr Song Is The Best?

    I voted a for "Famous Last Words" because it was on about 20 times at work (i work in a HMV)
  11. Nathan Green

    What Color Is Your Hair?

    I don't have any hair
  12. Nathan Green

    Your Sals List!

    1.The 3xtermination - Got the potentential to be a powerful clan not only here but on RSC if PKpete plays it right (which i'm sure he will do ) that's why it's the number 1 clan
  13. Nathan Green

    Rule 7 And Rule 9 Updated

    there is no way i'm going to stop using SS :)
  14. Nathan Green

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    Ranked Number 1. He's the one with the fishing hood on.
  15. Nathan Green

    Runescape, The Arcade Game

    Where are your fakes? Pricks I love it, never seen it done before. Keep the ideas coming mate

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