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  1. Grazer
    Yo, party animals!
    It's Grazer here. No-one seems to be readin g this blog o' mine, but then, it's been ages since I last plonked something on it!
    Welp, I've done a lot recently. Too much to fit a page.
    I leave you with this word.
  2. Grazer
    I'm tired of all these people that dont read my blog.
    You'll get $5 everytime you visit my blog.
    You'll get $50 everytime you post in my blog
    You'll get $500 if you post in 5 entries in a row.
    You'll get $10,000 if you put a link to this blog in your signature.
    Although I wont tell you how to get this money :glasses:
  3. Grazer
    Ima list my friends and a background about them.
    Sofee is a 11 year old girl, living in Western Australia. Everything about her is either nice, pretty, kind or many other complimentrary words. Yes I do hav e a crush on her, and I have not seen her do anything wrong yet. She likes red hats too.
    Wiltingplant is a loveable 18 year old. He's freeplayer, always has been, and refuses to become a member, even if it was free.
    "If I was a member" he says "I'd get my Cooking skillcape and then lose my status"
    Sir Ajacobs
    Sir Ajacobs is a movie maker. He makes videos of Runescape, usually with a comedic and sometimes thrilling story. he has legions of fans and one day, he might king the kings.
    Zeal is a Tasmanian. Hes a fairly good person, and he keeps his friends close. He, like all of the people on this list, hangs out in Sals CC most of the time.
    And thats my friends. Tell me if I missed ya.
  4. Grazer
    I had a very lucky runeScape day, well at first.
    My first of four lucky happenings was finding an amulet of power, laying on the ground in Edgville Dungeon.
    Second was one of the luckiest things ever happened to me in RuneScape. Someone came out of nowhere and said, "Do you know where Lumbridge swamps is?" "Sure" I replied (By the were in Lumbridge bank). "Just go downstairs, and again, then keep heading south.
    He thanked me and gave me THREE HUNDERED THOUSAND Gold peices.
    I sat there, with an expression like this :glasses: .
    Third and fourth was in a drop in the Partyroom. On the same drop, I popped two balloons, both with lovely prizes in it.
    The first prize, after popping a blue balloon, was 221 uncooked lobsters. I went up 9 levels in cooking that day
    Second one, after popping a white balloon, was an adamant platebody, one of the peices of armour I needed.
    But then the unfortuate happened.
    I went on a PK trip with six of my best mates.
    I was the leader, and terribly, the first to die.
    I was looking for someone to kill, when BAM, A bolt came at me and hit 42 points of damage. I, as I knew, was dead.
    And thank you for reading this entry. Comment on this one, I always read them. And comment on the last one too :).
    Your chum,
    Grazer Magic.
    EDIT: Wow, my last PK trip before they removed it, and I got hit by a 42 and deied!
  5. Grazer
    My boring ramblings about LAGG.
    I was buying big bones, five for 1500gp.
    I got a buyer, and that's when it happened.
    A message appeared at the top left corner.
    "Connection lost"
    Just as he clicked ACCEPT, it logged out.
    It took twenty minutes to log back in, and I saw him, now he wanted to buy my strength amulet for 7.5K.
    Nice deal, but too bad.
    "Connection lost"
    Automatic log out AGAIN.
    It took another twenty minutes to log back in.
    "Grazer, but your str ammy 7.5K?"
    "Yeah sorry for logging out, lagg."
    "That's okay. Buy str ammy for 7.5K"
    "Connection lost"
    Gargh, logged out YET AGAIN!!!
    After another twenty minutes of logging in, I got to play the game without lagg....
    For two seconds.
    "Connection lost"
    My punhing bag certantly got a beatin' today..

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