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  1. McLaren

    Seduction Vs Akaedalatin

    Nom Nom Nom SEDUCTION
  2. McLaren

    3xtermination Vs. Reckoning Day

    Good Job 3x, Better luck next time RD
  3. McLaren

    Esk Seduced.

    Was a fun war. Glad i got piled second usually dont get to tank :X
  4. McLaren

    3xtermination Seduced.

    Was a gud war, thanks 3x Shame i dced :(
  5. McLaren

    Sal's Clan Rankings

    Nice Job Ahmad. Looks Gud
  6. McLaren

    Triforce Seduced.

    Was a very fun war >.< Best part was i had 9 hp when we killed Mrcody1365 :D
  7. McLaren

    Seduction Vs Tfc

    was a very fun war sed is hawt <3
  8. McLaren

    A Bad First Day.

    Good Job Guys Shame I Wasn't There :( + Luigi Is A Hawtie :(
  9. McLaren


    :( Seduction
  10. McLaren

    Seduction Vs Tmc

    That was a really fun war Had Some Epic K0s at the end to pull off the win :)
  11. McLaren

    Seduction Vs Elite Order

    Gf EO was a good start to my Seduction career
  12. McLaren


    DK is Sexy <33
  13. McLaren

    Wipeout Defeats Forgotten Templars

    good job WipeOut...to bad i couldnt come :P gf FT
  14. McLaren

    Wipeout Defeats Impact

    goood job guys xD to bad i couldnt go :( WipeOut Ftw :D

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