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  1. Shepherd

    Sotw 99

    Posting if it's not too late/ the competition isn't dead .
  2. Shepherd

    Musical Instrument Discussion

    I have a lot of guitars.. Gear: Pretty much every penny I earn goes into something guitar related .
  3. Shepherd

    Sotw 92 Resuuuuuuults

    None taken :) . Shush. I saw it the first time. It's better to have participation than people not entering cause it might not have taken 'enough effort'. Grats Sk8skull, you deserved to win .
  4. Shepherd

    Sotw 92 Voooooting

    That's lovely, not everything has to be complicated just because it can be. I get you don't like it, no need to argue your point.
  5. Shepherd

    Sotw 92 Voooooting

    The text is from all different places from the book, and I was using GIMP, so it took longer than that, i don't see why you have such a problem with it..? It's not exactly a serious competition in the first place . Anyways. 3.Sk8 2.Sjaak. 1.Fatalysm
  6. Shepherd

    Sotw 92

    ...I don't even know.
  7. Shepherd

    Gay People And Hell

    ..Trying too hard to be funny. To be honest though, I don't believe it's a choice, you don't just decide to be homosexual. Now I don't believe in heaven nor hell, however, regardless of whether someone does decide to be homosexual or not, i don't believe that they'd go to hell purely for their sexual preference. Man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, if it's love, it's love, I'm not one to judge.
  8. Shepherd

    Sotw 91

    Here's my entry.
  9. Shepherd

    Sotw 90 Results

    Youhei - 11 Theobald - 11 sk8kull - 8 Zooey - 7 Cal - 2 Doom - 2 As - 0 Lol - 0 Grats you two .
  10. Shepherd

    Sotw 90 Voting

    Pick your best 3. Entries: Youhei Zooey Doom Theobald As Sk8skull Cal Lol
  11. Shepherd

    Sotw 90

    Entries are closed.
  12. Shepherd

    Sotw 90

    Theme: Superheroes RULES The rules for entries are as follows: - The size must be between 300x100 and 500x200 pixels (WxH). - The signature must be made less than a week before the entry topic was made. - Remember, you may only make one post in the entry topic! - You may not use any tutorials, PSDs, or any other outside help to make your entry. Deadline: 17th April Entries: Youhei Zooey Doom Theobald As Sk8skull Cal Lol
  13. Shepherd

    Sotw 89

    I'll have a go, haven't done graphics in a long while.

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