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  1. Project_Lost

    Just An Old Wise Tale....

    Well it has been a day of relaxing and now i need to get some work done... by woodcutting Well I made a video of me woodcutting so if you want to watch go ahead.... 25 woodcutting right now..
  2. Project_Lost

    Cant Sleep -.-

    well, I couldnt sleep either and I am to trying to go to sleep... but great news that you won the war...
  3. Project_Lost

    Bank Pic + First Mill :p

    Yes, gratz on the mill. Now try for the 2nd to become :P
  4. Project_Lost

    Project Lost

    Welcome everyone to my new Blog/Log for Runescape! I just started a new account for the New Year of 08 so I can somewhat help my friend who just started to. Everyday I will post Level that I have gained, cool stuff I see, and so much more. <---- Well that's my new account, Project Lost. Hope this will work out for the New Year! Zapcaster (Project Lost)
  5. Project_Lost

    Close Plz

    Alright I joined the forums also
  6. Project_Lost

    Close Plz

    Ill join and I have 52 woodcutting. Add me- Emachines119
  7. Project_Lost

    New Award

    Ations Gratulations
  8. Project_Lost

    Choose What You Keep...

    Yeah but if your not a macro/bot and you get a random, you should reac to it like you would in a fight or something.
  9. Project_Lost

    82 Cooking

    Congratz On That Cooking Level! :mad:
  10. Project_Lost

    Fishermens Friday

    Yeah I might be able to come so... Yeah I should be able to come. :P
  11. Project_Lost

    Swallow It

    One thing.... What is wrong with peas lol. Yes the music is unfitting for the scene.
  12. Project_Lost

    49 Hitpoints!

    Congratz on 49 Hp but sorry for not getting a combat level... <_<
  13. Project_Lost

    Faint Emote.

    It should be like, putting your hand on your face then falling staright back. It would be really cool..
  14. Project_Lost

    Light010's Barrows Log

    GL with the log and congratz on the rewards!
  15. Project_Lost

    Drunk Off Of Barbarian Beer

    Me and a friend were at his house and his servent brought us beer and we just drank like for an hour. It was nice lol

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