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  1. chicka_boom

    Count To 500 Before Sal Posts

    99 LOL. funny
  2. chicka_boom


    I would say neutrogena it works for sure
  3. chicka_boom

    Ps3 Home

    How do you guys like Ps3's new home? What do you think of it?
  4. chicka_boom

    Hey Hey!

    LOL i so knew you had to be from England without even checking..
  5. chicka_boom

    Whats Your Favorite Clothes Store?

    pacsun and i shop for some delias and pastry online tho
  6. chicka_boom

    Do You Have A Job?

    darn you forgot to put the "I CANT FIND A FREAKING JOB" one down >.<
  7. 4/10 sorry not spicy or spectacular its just your name right?
  8. chicka_boom

    Hey Hey!

    waasuup wasuup I'm barbie nice to meet you >.<
  9. chicka_boom

    Umm, Hi...

    oohhh so is that like supose to be some sort of sexist statement LOL >.< aannnyywaays welcome. Enjoy your stay
  10. chicka_boom


    lol a couple ive had my share in fighting lol i use to be so aggressive and mean to everyone i guess its because of the stuff that was going on at home but i would fight over anything boy or girl it just didnt matter to me
  11. chicka_boom

    Judging People

    nah i dont do it im totally against it. I feel that its not my place to do it and i have no right to. Also i believe in treating others the way i like to be treated >.<
  12. chicka_boom


    I've met also lot of that kind of girls :P what would the world do without them! lol thats a good question..but i cant answer it :D
  13. chicka_boom


    there was a guy that i wanted to date but he only seemed to want me as a fudge buddy every guy seems to do that to me so i give up i almost hate boys now for. that no offense.. >.<
  14. chicka_boom

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    LOL. its like magic huh? but yeah i remeber seeing you around!
  15. chicka_boom


    on my list of stuff to do before i die is doing a backflip on the trampoline LOL. call me crazy but hey i will agree haha

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