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  1. _Ej


    Oh Hai guys. For the record, I hate Doncaster and Marcello Trotta. And also does Scrum still exist here? Just wanted to tell him how we're going to DESTROY Swindon in the playoffs. Ok bye.
  2. _Ej


    Well done to Swindon on their promotion, I know Scrum will be very happy tonight :D Well deserved, you've got a great young manager there in di Canio. The titans of football will meet again next season, Brentford and Swindon.
  3. _Ej


    @Tubby, yes I am alive :P You need to be more active :P It's a shame and I felt rubbish yesterday, but I suppose that it's not as bad as the Play Offs a few years back - Swindon will, barring a complete collapse (which Di Canio won't allow) go up, most likely as Champions.. ..still, Swindon have never won a game I've travelled to, so hopefully that'll change. Talking to my friends about possibly going to Swindon-Bradford at the end of the season, just because it'll be a party atmosphere. Maybe one day I'll return here to be more active, this is about the only topic I give two craps about, so seems a bit silly to keep returning so often just to read this. :L Besides, the new forums scare and confuse me, everything is all weird and different. Maybe you're a bad luck charm for the team, DON'T GO TO ANY MORE [email protected]@@@@. I'm sure you'll still manage to enjoy a good promotion, then I'll have a few excuses to return here a few times when Brentford and Swindon play ;D.
  4. _Ej


    I thought that I would take the time to make a rare appearance here to offer Scrum a shoulder to cry on. I know the feeling of losing in a JPT Final :(. But at least you still have promotion to look forward to :D.
  5. _Ej


    Don't forget, Pele did play in an era where the players he played against weren't as good, but by the same merit his team mates weren't as good as Xavi, Iniesta and the rest. One other crucial point, Pele played his best football (And the majority of his career) at Santos, a team in an easier league than Barca are in; when he did play for the Cosmos for the last few years, his goalscoring record wasn't nearly as good, but some could argue it was because of him ageing In my opinion, for Messi to go down as 'the best player in history' he needs to perform at international level, playing for a team that isn't built around him, the same applies for Ronaldo.
  6. _Ej

    Zooey's christmas sigs

    Can I have one, please? (:
  7. About time . Looks good, now to have a look around the new features. Something else I just thought of, are the signature rules the same? For dimensions/sizes?
  8. _Ej

    Stripped Bare

    This blog title is very misleading, I will walk away very disappointed.
  9. _Ej

    Sals Awards 2011 - Nominations

    Best Mod: Yuanrang Worst Mod: This is harsh, besides I have no strong feelings to any of them :(. Funniest Mod: heb0 Coolest Mod: heb0 Coolest Member: [email protected]@!!! Biggest Troll: Bros before Hoes Biggest Wannabe Mod: Jethraw Largest idiot: Mr. FANG Most fun to listen to: Dani Best topic of all time: RM Best topic of this year: RM Hottest Sals Member: Obviously Gonzyy ;D Most fun fun n game topic: fudge knows, 1k posts one. Most Helpful Member: eh, I have no idea. Best Blogger: Gonzyy. You owe me sex now, kay? Best Fad: Errmm...Zooey sigs? Best Gfxer: For a combination of most active in the section, and quality of work, I'm going for The Prodigy. Most down to earth person: No idea. Most away from earth person: Every Mod ;D Best Admin: Don, since he seems to post the most out of them. Best DM: Micael Fatia Best Retired Mod: Dani. Biggest cabbage-lover: Gonzyy ;D True Story. Most Hopeless Member: Me Biggest Ego: Adam? Most Unnoticed Person: How would I know, I haven't noticed them. :D. Best Faker: WolfieMario Most Awesome Member: Dani.
  10. _Ej


    Hope it went well. :D
  11. _Ej


    Good luck with the exams :). I've had my one January exam already (Business), it's during the exam periods where I'm glad I took mainly coursework based things, seeing how stressed everyone else is :P What was your choices of Uni? I can't be bothered with the whole Uni thing yet, so I'm taking a gap year after I leave this summer to spend it sleeping, playing PS3 and dicking about doing whatever I feel like to work out what I want to do.
  12. _Ej


    But in the grand scheme of things, Wigan weren't going to win the Cup and neither will Swindon (Sorry :(), so it doesn't change too much. It is nice for smaller teams to make an upset, but in the end they'll be beaten by a team with much bigger resources, budgets and squads. Forgot to talk about the City-United game: Wasn't a red card, it's now impossible to make a tough tackle these days, they're all pansies these days. City, in the second half, where epic despite being a man down, unlucky not to get a replay Jones didn't have a great game, even though I like him. Manchini's post match interview was funny.
  13. _Ej


    This: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/215-dell-ul...vgadp-usb-black Is that not a big high for one that size? (I might be wrong here) It's an IPS panel. The benefit of that is...? I know very little about monitors, that's why I need the advice :(.
  14. _Ej

    New Years Resolutions!

    I don't really have any specific aims for the new year, just the same old things I always want to do better, mainly be arsed to do all the boring things I need to do. That and actually make use of my gap year next year, rather than spend it sleeping, fapping and Syrim'ing.
  15. _Ej


    Weekend of FA cup, I know everyone loves the 3rd round and all the associated romance, but to be honest I don't give a toss about it . United vs City tomorrow, that'll be good, I hope City win so it's 3 straight losses for United. Traitor. :(

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