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  1. Sathe_Tivren

    Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold

    I'm about to go gold mining ... while watching The Tudors! I had forgotten about the dwarven mine until I came here, though. That new shortcut should be very useful. Congrats on 75 smithing. :)
  2. Sathe_Tivren

    How Do I Get My Book Published?

    Ok, Google is your friend. I'm not going to explain it here because it takes ages. It's a complicated business, and you certainly don't just call someone up. It involves query letters, synopses, and partial manuscripts. Look 'em up. If you're not willing to research, you probably don't deserve to be published. Check out the Writer's and Artist's Yearbook, or the Writer's Market if you're in the US. And good luck! It's a scary journey, but totally worth it. >.<
  3. Sathe_Tivren

    Writer's Block.

    You just have to give it time. I've had "block" for two years now, and counting, and it's almost killed me. I'm only now beginning to feel the stirrings of creation that happen before I write. Just keep living your life and experiencing things, so when it goes away you have lots to write about. >.<
  4. Sathe_Tivren

    Your Existence Is Biological

    Biology doesn't determine who you are. Look at identical twins, they can have completely different interests even though they're biologically identical, and been raised in the same environment. To me, that we're solely biological isn't even a question.
  5. Sathe_Tivren

    Privarte Servers

    Wow! I must get me on a private server fast, then! >.<
  6. That's awesome. I bet you guys were so tense in that last minute. ^_^
  7. Sathe_Tivren

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    *bump* TPL is the friendliest clan ever. And we pwn.
  8. Sathe_Tivren

    The Phoenix Legions Versus Ancient Legion

    Ok, let's change the topic ... I'm sad I wasn't in this war. Not only would my presence have lowered TPL's average combat level, but the wittiness factor would have increased dramatically. I'd better not lose connection for our next war!
  9. Sathe_Tivren

    Sacred Champions© Vs. Ancient Legion

    Well this all seems to have got out of hand, doesn't it? First, I resent people bringing TPL into this--there was one 'incident' involving us a fair while back, and everyone agreed it had been unfair blah blah blah. All our dealings with other members of RS have been mature. So please, don't tar us with brushes. Second, SC I can understand why you're annoyed, but please learn to spell correctly. ^_^ But seriously, there's obviously been misunderstandings and confusion and these things happen. Wouldn't it have been better to calmly talk it over with AL, rather than post something you both admit was never a post war? This was supposed to be a fun war, does it really matter if there was "cheating"? You got a lot out of this war, as you said, in terms of tactics and what have you, I hope you learn how to take things for what they are as well. Golden, I have no idea what's happening on your end, but I have to say your insults are good. True or not, you show some flair.
  10. This includes the gloves, shirt, boots, cloak, hood, robe, and logo! Took me ages to steal them for the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest (you need TWO sets!). Selling for 5k, or best offer. It's virtually impossible to buy all these on the GE. PM me with your offer if you're interested. Thanks, Sathe
  11. Sathe_Tivren

    Hard Drive

    Eh, get rid of the junk you don't need. It's surprisingly rewarding tidying your computer. Or maybe I'm just a freak ...
  12. Sathe_Tivren

    Limited Or No Connectivity

    Yeah, do ipconfig /all and screenshot it. It's usually an IP issue when it does that. Is your connection set to use a static or DHCP address? Usually it's DHCP, but maybe your ethernet connection has stuck it on static.
  13. Sathe_Tivren

    Bolt Of Cloth?

    I'm talking about the player-made ones, not the extortionate ones sold by the lumberjack dude. What actually is the point of them? Unlike most things in the game, it seems there's no use for them at all. Can anyone tell me different?
  14. Sathe_Tivren

    Red X Java Even After Updating

    What browser are you using? If it's Firefox maybe you have some kind of addon installed that blocks Java content unless you allow it.
  15. Sathe_Tivren

    Best Antivirus

    Disable Link Scanning and it won't hog resources. Yeah, tried that. There's also the thing where you turn on your computer happily, log on to the net, it updates, and then immediately wants to restart! Drove me nuts.

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