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  1. Dragon slayer in RSC and Underground pass.
  2. djpailo

    The last person to post here wins

    where is everybody. Why is it so quiet here these days?
  3. djpailo

    10 years?!

    Yeah, got my email the other day. Time flies. Scary stuff really.
  4. I wonder whether attitudes would be different if people knew they offended someone's culture.
  5. I do think its relevant to the discussion. How can you not factor in peoples average play time in determining how many get to 200m? And if you then have comments on that number, that is part of the discussion in my opinion. I must live in a dream world where 7 hours/ day for six years is unhealthy. I'm sorry you appear to feel otherwise, but I feel people need to wake up a bit and realize how damaging gaming addiction can be. Part of the issue totally irrelevant to work style/ social life is spending money to feed that addiction. Its important to discuss these issues and not shy away from it and pretend they only exist for a handful of people. I should also add my comments aren't directed at your friends, its a general comment. I wont deny there are exceptions, but I won't sit and pretend to believe that what you've written is general since I believe that is a rare exception, if it does exist.
  6. djpailo

    Black or Blue Pens

    Black pen and it must be by bic which usually have the right consistency. Blue pens meh.
  7. Probably a fair few, but its honestly the most ridiculous thing to do in a game. How someone has so much free time on their hand to reach those levels, is pretty sad. I've always defended people who play the game too much, but come on, getting 200m/ exp in a skill for every skill? Each one of those players at least one of the following: - Either has a job and plays RS during the job OR doesn't have a job and plays RS all the time - Has a lot of money to burn, which is cool, but spending money on an achievement doesn't really feel like an achievement if you ask me. - Has an addiction problem. Sumoi I remember said it was his nature of doing things like that. But this is a damn game. Why doesn't he use that "nature" on something more meaningful like art, maths, anything that has meaning to society rather than a game. I don't really think about higher levelled players ever. But there must come a point in life where someone looks back and reflects, do you really want to tell yourself "I enjoyed life by playing RS 24/7 and doing NOTHING ELSE"? Anyway, its their choice, their decision and you have to respect it. But man if someone told me the meaning of my life was to just play RS that much, then I'd feel pretty shizzlety.
  8. djpailo

    Excessive SGS cosmetics

    No. There is absolutely nothing wrong with cosmetics unless they influence your game play by causing lag (like the drakes did which were a problem). Cosmetic micro transaction are absolutely fine. Its when they have skilling outfit/ lamps/ bonus XP micro transactions that really changed RS.
  9. I don't think its that big a deal to be honest. The same number of people would have moaned it was OP if it wasn't nerfed so meh. The issue regarding micro transactions is a topic in its own right.
  10. djpailo

    Spring Cleaner poll

    It used to be great until the update. Now its too expensive and no point to maintain. Slayer belt update should be good though.
  11. djpailo

    Banned for goldfarming!?

    good luck
  12. Good starting money after getting hacked. Though I'm curious, were you hacked even when you had authenticator enabled?
  13. I prefer this new future update.

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