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  1. Real

    (American) Football

    I have to wake up in 5 and a half hours but I can't go to bed before this game ends. Probably my two least favourite teams but what a game.
  2. Real


    It's a brilliant sport :mad: I can't believe Liverpool would actually sell Suarez. They'd be nowhere near as good as they have been this season without him - which is a pretty alarming thought.
  3. Real


    I feel like I should support Brentford as a local team, but I've been to a few of their games over the years and every single one was a dull as hell 0-0 draw.
  4. Real


    I get that this has been inactive for a while and may be dead, but just to let anyone know that I'm still interested.
  5. Real

    The British Monarchy

    If the monarchy had any greater kind of significance, I'd certainly be in favour of getting rid of them. Although I would favour being a republic I simply don't think there's any need for a change (particularly when there are reforms that are more necessary, like in the House of Lords).
  6. Real

    Who do you side with?

    The number of things I would have agreed on with Jill Stein would have increased further if I had noticed the "Choose another stance" a bit sooner...
  7. Real

    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    Stayed up until 5am watching the Patriots - Ravens game. Officiating was completely ridiculous at times although it was one of the most exciting games I've seen for a while.
  8. Real

    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    I'd definitely go for Morris. But apparently I'm terrible at fantasy football - this week my bench had more points than my starters...
  9. Real

    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    Ending of the Patriots game was so dramatic, from the late fumble to get the ball back, the touchdown ruled out by holding and the awful field goal. Still, the Ravens lost, so all is not bad.
  10. Real


    2-0 Atletico - my love for Falcao knows no bounds.
  11. Real


    Given how good Falcao is I'd be surprised if he's playing for Atletico next year. 3 more goals in a 4-0 win over Athletic, looking forward to beating Chelsea too.
  12. Real

    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    I had thought Flynn could end up in Arizona but with Tarvaris Jackson in Buffalo now I'm not sure how happy the Seahawks would be letting him go. I was a little surprised Jackson left - I'd begun to expect Jackson to be Wilson's backup and Flynn to be traded. Aaron Hernandez has a big new contract with the Pats - can't help but think this spells the end for Welker's tenure.
  13. Real

    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    I doubt it'll be long before the Cards get desperate and trade for someone instead. I had begun to think Flynn may end up going to Arizona once Wilson is starting for Seattle, but Tarvaris Jackson's been traded to the Bills so it's even less likely he will. Feel pretty sorry for Larry Fitzgerald though - talent going completely to waste.
  14. Real

    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    I think he deserves to start from day one. The Seahawks have a very good team and I really see them challenging for the playoffs this year.
  15. Real

    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    Really hoping the Pats will make it back to the Superbowl this year. The defense has improved enough that it won't be as much of a liability this year and Tom Brady has a few new weapons to work with too. The only slight concern is the offensive line, but I don't see how the Patriots can not win the division. Starting to really love Russell Wilson too.

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