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  1. Leo

    Television & Movies Discussion Thread

    Saul is back, baby
  2. Leo

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    Hey Zooey! I would like Leo Crimson in orange coloured font (just the regular shade of orange is fine). That's about the only criteria I would have, feel free to do whatever style or design you want with mine :)
  3. Leo

    (American) Football

    Yeah. Last night was a bummer. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but I'll probably need a couple of days to process this. The Brady-Belichick success in the last 20 years has kind of skewed fan expectations about what it takes/how often a team should be able to make the Super Bowl, and Cincinnati (whilst still being very good) had three major 180 turns in each of their playoff games. It's very hard to see the team get this far and not be 100% confident the stars will align like 2021, for it to ever happen again. Not only do they have to improve the already-existing holes in the team (OFFENSIVE LINE DEFCON ONE), but the coaching staff and front office will have to constantly innovate to keep up with the likes of the Chiefs, Bills, Rams, 49ers, etc. Again, the team is on a very positive upwards trend, but I'd be lying if I still didn't hold a certain level of pessimism. Regardless of the latter points above, 2021 was still a very good season that exceeded everyone's expectations, and I'm excited to keep watching Burrow et al. in the years to come. Go Bengals
  4. Leo

    (American) Football

    This is the way
  5. Leo

    (American) Football

    Go Bengals
  6. Leo

    #21 Farming+99 Warbands

    Honestly, I was literally just doing it off of Spins; I had about 400k XP to go for 98. Skilling and maxing was never something I was interested in, when I was playing RS3 from 2013-2016. 120 Ranged is the farthest I've ever gotten, and that was mainly out of boredom during early COVID last May, and I had quit RS3 with around 81m EXP in Ranged.
  7. Leo

    #21 Farming+99 Warbands

    FYI - if you're claiming RS3 membership from one of those Prime Gaming deals, the membership kicks in immediately and not when you first log in Also, I'm finally done with warbands skills. SAPK wins again
  8. And that's probably enough RS3 for 2021
  9. I know Number 1 is some guy I ran into at Barbarian Village who tried to lure me into the Wildy back in 2004. I have zero idea who the other 70 are - probably mid-aughts spambots or annoying players.
  10. Leo

    The last person to post here wins

    I really enjoyed this movie
  11. Leo

    The last person to post here wins

    Yeah, Windows Defender is actually pretty solid. Only 3rd-party program I use in conjunction is MalwareBytes
  12. Leo

    Level 99 Archaeology 9-29-2020

  13. Leo


    We back

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