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  1. Leo

    The last person to post here wins

    And we've got FFXVI on June 22nd, which is very exciting Season 2 of The Bear drops on the same day, it's going to be a great weekend
  2. Leo

    The last person to post here wins

    It's been really, really good. Breath of the Wild does the exploration aspect and first play experience of this Hyrule better, but Tears is an improvement in almost every other facet
  3. Leo

    The last person to post here wins

    Yes, very. Succession is so good
  4. Leo

    The Zelda Topic

    I either need to call up a local video game shop to see if they do midnight releases or go digital for this one. But I'm very excited and probably going to be playing through the entire weekend again. The new Link Amiibo looks really good, too
  5. Leo

    The Zelda Topic

    Here we go===========
  6. Leo

    The last person to post here wins

    I'm rooting for San Diego State

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