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  1. Young Leo
    After 5 months of on-and-off Legiones, mostly during Reaper tasks, here is my first bow:

    39 Primus
    74 Secundus
    40 Tertius
    103 Quartus (alk;sdjf;slak)
    46 Quintus
    31 Sextus
    Haven't bothered to keep track cause of such a long time period, but bow sold for 108m. Probably won't be going again just cause of how bad profit is now at ascensions.
  2. Young Leo
    Accidentally ran into an FC on our first world ELM which we then cleared and looted. They came back from canoe, and I tanked about 8 of them into volcano, ran out of food and portents, realized at level 39 Wildy I forgot to bring a ring of wealth, and promptly died losing my 99% gano top+bottoms and 3 d meds I pk'ed.
    Kinda bummed out but I had a draconic visage from QBD earlier and other loot that I sold to get replacement gear. Debating downgrading to Ahrim's.
    EDIT: I'm also still looking to buy degraded gano, in order to prevent heavy losses such as tonight.
  3. Young Leo
    Sort of weird but I had an epiphany/sudden urge late Monday night to get my level 86 Firemaking to 99. Figured after almost 10 years of off/on playing I should probably have at least one 99, so yeah.
    7.7m xp to go, so hopefully with burning maples and keeping up with schoolwork I can get it by the end of next week.
  4. Young Leo
    First off, random screenshot of the day:

    Relatively satisfied with the update; the lagginess isn't too bad except in Lumbridge with all the fighting going on, which is probably more due to my laptop than the game itself. New interface is working alright on 1024x768; wish they'd made it so you could fit everything in on 800x600 but I guess you can't have everything.
    Looking forward to when HTML5 comes out.

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