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  1. Falcon

    Grand Theft Auto: Hawaii

    C'mon Lilo let's go bowling
  2. Falcon


    I guess so. Most of the mods will have been lost, Admin Board is TOTALLY different, and there's our avatars and a bunch of links. Oh well I'm not really too active on here anymore :(
  3. Falcon


    You finally upgraded.
  4. Falcon

    Steve Jobs Is Dead

    Rest In Peace Steve <3
  5. Falcon

    Iphone 4s

    Rest In Peace Steve
  6. We on that next-level scam ad account making s*squok*t! netflix.com/bacon! But in all seriousness this directly breaks at least one primary forum rule and anyone doing it should be banned.
  7. Falcon

    Sals Realm Of Minecraft

    This is a forum, who cares, try it out, what can happen. It's got a bigger player-base than Runescape why not make a forum about it, if it's unpopular or bombs, scrap it.
  8. Falcon


  9. Falcon

    Dat Bass

    very nice system
  10. Falcon

    Oh Gawd

    That panda is a fudgeing champ
  11. Falcon

    Galaxy Tab Or Ipad 2?

    Flash is the only reason I'd get an Android tablet over an iPad.
  12. Falcon

    Notifications System

    I think we'll literaly get Facebook on Sal's Realm. I believe there is an option to sign in and connect your Facebook account. Unfortunately yes, it does :D
  13. Falcon

    Galaxy Tab Or Ipad 2?

    The thing you need to consider when you're thinking of tablets is apps. There are currently thousands of App Store apps optimized for the iPad, but just under 200 Android apps optimized for tablets. Another thing is, not all apps on the Android market will work with your device. On the App Store, virtually every app (iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad) will work on the iPad. The makers of the Android (and other OS tablets, but you want to get android if you don't get an iPad) boast of better graphics and processing power, but what will all that power be used for if there's only 200 apps currently out for the Android tablets?

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