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    Hey Sal's,<br /><br />Well, I have many interests, most of them to do with forums.<br /><br />I do really enjoy setting up and helping online communities.<br />I don't know why, I have a passion for it.<br />Even if I really don't know the community, I will still go and help if they request it.<br /><br />I also really enjoy AFL Football.<br />I wish to become an AFL footballer in a few years, it is my goal in life.<br />AFL Football is my life, it revolves around me. I cannot get away from it.<br /><br />I do quite like graphic design, although I am not all that terrific at it.<br />I can make a good signature or avatar, if anyone needs one, just ask!<br /><br />Well... That's me!

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    Sixth Blood
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    Jae Woo
  1. 15 Maybe? Not quite sure... ~ Mat
  2. Mat

    Random Levels

    Hey Everyone, I never expected this achievement this early! Yes, it was only a couple of days ago I got my last level, and here is my new woodcutting level. I think I might go all the way to 99! I'm going good so far.. ~ Mat
  3. Mat

    Sal's Realm Christmas Party 2008

    I am 80% sure I will be there. I will be on my well-known account. Hope it is as good as the last one! ~ Mat
  4. Mat

    I'm Gonna Be, The Very Best...

    Lol! That is so funny! I don't know about everyone else, but this fake is awesome! Only flaw is the pokeballs aren't aligned properly. 9/10, simply awesome! ~ Mat
  5. I have to agree Ming. I have been on some forums where people have done that, it is useless. I mean, why do you need to have all them emoticons? I would limit the emoticon amount to around 10, but then again.... It all depends on the size of your post. If there was an option limit the amount of emoticons you put in your post, depending on the post size, that would be perfect. E.G. 10 Words = 2 Emoticons 15 Words = 3 Emoticons etc... I support the idea. Very useful IMO ~ Mat
  6. Nice work on your new positions guys. So many people have become Mods, and admins, and retired since I have been gone. It is all so confusing as to who is a Mod, and who isn't. But good luck everyone, I am sure you will all do an awesome job! ~ Mat
  7. Mat

    I'm Back..

    Lol ^ That is extremely funny, even though the joke is on me. Again, as I said before, I don't know why I said that, pretty lame. But that is a very nice little vid, thanks for posting that Noisia! Great! ~ Mat
  8. Mat

    Past Avatars

    Understandably, you probably don't want to have all your old avatars and signatures on your hard disk. But there is another option to have your past avatars archived. Why not upload your avatars and signatures to Photobucket.com? You can setup your own photobucket account, upload images and you will have them for life in a stored place. Sadly, there is no option to restore a previous avatar/signature, unless you do some serious searching, and then you still probably won't find it. Sorry. ~ Mat
  9. Javascript for me. I am learning as I go, and using it for my forums. But, I don't have a whole lot of experience with it at all. My friend, the other admin on my forums has a lot. He can make things like generators quite quickly. ~ Mat
  10. Mat

    Four New Guides!

    Great, it's good to see some more guides on the site. Keep up the great work guys, those are some awesome guides. ~ Mat
  11. Mat

    The Evil Sheep!

    -10 because you guys don't read... Check this post: It is not that they have high standards, it is just the fact that they do not read. I admit, I should have checked if there was an actual red sheep in Runescape, I didn't know, I have only ever been F2P. But please read the post at least before you go and criticize me. This picture was not stolen from a fansite... ~ Mat
  12. Mat

    I'm Back..

    Ok, that was pretty funny. I don't know what I was thinking when writing that post ^_^ Magical, I cannot believe this. You are actually a good friend of mine in other forums.. You are a staff member on my forums... And you, out of all people flame me? I really expected some other people to do that... But no you. Wow.... My whole attitude towards you has changed... Thanks for those members who didn't flame me, thanks very much. ~ Mat
  13. Mat

    The Evil Sheep!

    Lol! I am so stupid! It is on the left! I have never done the Sheep Herder Quest. I don't know what you are talking about. I got that sheep from the sheep pen? I have never been a Member before, so I haven't done that quest. ~ Mat
  14. Mat

    I'm Back..

    I can see that too Sryen. Oh well, I really couldn't care less what they think. I don't want to be a Mod, and if I was offered the job, I would probably decline anyway, I am too busy. ~ Mat
  15. Mat

    The Evil Sheep!

    Hey Everyone, The Runescape Graphics Division of Rune Realm/Jae Woo has released a brand new fake, the Evil Sheep. We hope you like it! The cut-out in the Right Hand Corner is to stop people from re-posting this as their image, as this topic has been posted on many other forums. Please, do not mistake this for advertising, we have not put any links into this post. More fakes will be posted soon! ~ Mat

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