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  1. -Trevor-


    So this was in Fifa 11 a couple days ago. Difficulty was low because I was workin on my virtual pro, but even at low difficulty this goal was sickkk. http://www.ea.com/uk/football/videos/ugc/78211961
  2. -Trevor-

    Team Eclipse Looking For Wars

    Lol you posted here...
  3. Been awhile since I've updated. I've been getting stuff done, just haven't been posting. Kept telling myself that I'll get around to it and finally (almost 3 weeks later) I got around to it lol. So these past few weeks have been filled with Dungeoneering for me. I finally started getting into the skill and I quickly trained from ~55 to level 67. I also took some time for slayer and finally reached 90 Slay :) On top of all that I made a ton of time for the World Cup and started some serious flipping/merching and have made a decent 10-12m this past week. Prayer seems closer than ever before! ^Dont know what the white box is or where it came from but a few pics have it my sk was messing up and it took me awhile to notice. ^Not going to post all the dung pics because half of them have the white box from before. This is the most recent level anyway.
  4. -Trevor-

    Clan Discussion = Deadsies

    Lol rsc is good... i laughed at that...
  5. -Trevor-

    Lily's Levels

    Congrats on 74 Fishing Welcome back!
  6. -Trevor-


    Gratz on 92 Wc and Farm Keep it up halfway there!
  7. -Trevor-


    Congratz on 54 Runecrafting Keep it up!
  8. -Trevor-

    Causing Shenanagians Since 1969

    Wow very nice log. Congrats on 98 Defence
  9. Max Melee (achieved) 99 Range (achieved) 99 Mage (achieved) 99 Prayer 92+ Herblore 99 Slayer
  10. Mm today was sortta uneventful. I went out so I didn't have a ton of time. I did grab the 13k I needed for 65 Rc and did penguins for 50 Dungeoneering. Then I finished off the night with a bit more dungeoneering getting up to 52. In other news, I sold my AGS today and used the money to start solo merching/flipping items. I made roughly 1 mil on my first set of flips and I am currently working on the second set. Mm maybe... but I've been finding time for real life priorities like friends and work so really I'm not too bothered by it.
  11. -Trevor-

    One More :3

    Wow definitely thought I posted on this... Oh well Gratz on 98 Fishing, best of luck with 99! Also goodluck with 99 Prayer, a pure with 99 Prayer would be beast :) Are you planning to do the quests for curses? Turmoil is a win. Wow definitely thought I posted on this... Oh well :) Nvm I posted on your log not this topic haha. Gratz on 98 Fishing, best of luck with 99!
  12. -Trevor-

    Sup Im Tubby Ur Flubby

    Ah wow lol I was totally on the wrong page haha... Nice kbd run, add me and I'd be happy to join you sometime
  13. -Trevor-

    2nd Most Important Level

    Very nice! 99 attack was my first 99 and still remains one of my favorite capes.
  14. -Trevor-

    Venozio | 40 Def | 99 Magic | 1740+ Total

    Wow 99 prayer on a pure would be epic! Do you plan on doing the quests for curses? Turmoil is ftw to be honest :) Best of luck, almost there for 99 fishing!
  15. Thanks :) [sarcasm]Can't wait to start runecrafting![/sarcasm] Thanks, and yep I've got a ways to go financially before I'm ready for that investment. Haha I guess I didn't look at the loot in the kill pics before I posted... Oh well I actually didn't loot those kills anyway, was in a fairly big fight with another clan so didn't have the time. Honestly sometimes I ask myself that same question... haha Although the levels this week didn't really take a whole lot of time. Mining and hunter seemed like an eternity but really it was only a matter of hours.

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