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  1. Chaos King

    What's Up Sal's Pvp?

    I'm guessing because staking was never open to F2P until the wilderness and free trade was removed, and Jagex didn't want to take it back so the just put a 40k limit.
  2. Chaos King

    Has Pking Lost It's Integrity?

    people have been the same the whole time...
  3. Chaos King

    Merch Rune Berserker?

    hey i have heard that its a good idea to buy some some rune berseker sheilds at 38.9k (current) because they will go up to around 55k.... they went down about 300 today and havnt really had and incline at all. do you think they will stay around 39K or go up?
  4. Chaos King

    Behind The Scenes - December

    What does that mean?
  5. Chaos King

    The Grand Exchange

    Hey I checked out that bug at the exchange... here is my screenie. Edit: w00t 100th post
  6. Chaos King

    Duel Arena Tournaments And Changes

    The "stunning" new upate thi new year better not be this bad..... or im quitting! P.S. Ill be playing a better game.... Halo 3 ftw
  7. Chaos King

    Duel Arena Tournaments And Changes

    Yea This is such a horrible update... So iI saw the update and decided to go omy pure. When i got down there I decided to enter a tournament that had high ranks thinking it would be all ppl my levl, so i paid my 9k or somthing and it sent me to this pit and the lowest levl there (besides me)was like 100... So i was in the tournament for about 10 seconds before getting owned... The update is pretty much the fight pits but you can win "64 mil" and there can be rules. I recccomend not going unless you are atlest levl 100. :,( Edit: also i noticed the updated the highscore.
  8. Chaos King

    Easier Control

    well you can use the f (f1,f2...) buttons to move around the inventory box.
  9. Chaos King

    "doom Fake"

    The chat bow sentances are not alinged other than that i see its very good.... but i wouldent noo.
  10. Chaos King

    My First!

    The word Zezima is supposed to be blue.... Also is there a name for runescapes font?
  11. Chaos King

    I Meant Defense!

    Lol thats a good one.
  12. Chaos King

    Incredible 3d World 2 Map

    Thank you soo much for that map!
  13. Chaos King

    Devil Much?

    lol that is sooo wierd! Edit: he was training at the stronghold i belive...
  14. Chaos King

    Can't Get In Rs!?

    Yea I bet there putting in the "big grand exchange" for tomorrow.

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