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  1. { Memberlist } { Forums } { IRC Client } Who Are We? The Death Squad was a clan founded by Mattyj150 and Jones36 way back in 2005. TDS reached the top 20 spot in its prime, taking on strong clans like DF and FEAR with courage and pride. In 2006, the founders unfortunately closed the clan due to issues in their lives. Soon in 2007, the original founders reopened TDS. Now, TDS re-emerges with the strength and community needed to take on the clan world in the new year as a F2P-based, GMT/EST timezone, pking/warring clan. What WE want to offer YOU! TDS strives to provide a great community and a fun roster of all sorts of events for our members. As a member, you deserve the kind of events you want. You deserve a safe, friendly community. You deserve what works for you. You deserve what YOU want out of a clan. And we couldn't agree with you more. TDS offers: a wide range of events weekly BH trips frequent wars good community responsible, mature staff and above all, a good time :) Requirements 90+ CMB 1 Refferal No refferal? No problem! The community of TDS is very friendly and easy to get along to. Our forum or our IRC client are the fastest ways for you to get one. Pop in, make some friends, and you'll have one in no time! Meet The Staff Founders of TDS Mattyj150 Jones36 Elder Mussolini187 High Council Alden0 Yvp1000 Lady Ninane Pk Leaders Mixmasterflx Lpfan1990 Night_shad21 Events ( including Wars & Pks!) TDS participates in lots of events. Although we are a pking/warring clan, we like to have a bit of fun, too! We love to do lots of trips like Bandos Hunting, KBD Hunting, KQ Hunting, Barrows Trips, Fun Wars, Allied BH Trips, Fun All Mage/Range BH Trips, and lots more! Take a look at what we've been up to lately! Most recent war: TDS vs The Royal Protectors VICTORY! Click here to watch the vid! Bandos Killing Trip King Black Dragon Killing Trip Kalphite Queen Hunting More pictures to come! As we grow together as a family, we hope that you'll come to share in the experience of TDS. Come make strong friendships and good times for the new year. We're always flexible and looking to meet someone new :P FOR HONOR, FOR PRIDE, FOR TDS! If you have any questions, feel free to come into our IRC channel at any time. We're on SeersIRC, #tds_chatroom :D Thanks for your time. Hope to see you! ~ TDS Admin
  2. Lady Ninane

    Ronin Forums Offline.

    Just because they didn't post it doesn't mean there wasn't any.
  3. Lady Ninane

    Ronin Forums Offline.

    Gl Ronin, really sad how low VR has sunk. If TDS can help in any way let me know. ;)
  4. Lady Ninane

    When And What? Or How?

    How long have you been clanning? 2 years How long have you been playing runescape? 3 years What was the first clan you ever joined? Empire of falador What was probably your more favorite clan or a clan that was your um, "Soul Clan,"and why? Clan Forbidden, made lots of friends and had lots of good memories. Learned a lot ;)
  5. Lady Ninane

    Vvv Vrs Silent Reckoning

    Nice job V-cubed Better luck next time Silent Reckoning, good tanking :lol:
  6. Lady Ninane

    Ronin's Holiday Bash#

    Aww looks like you guys had fun. Was thinking about actually having a "real" snowball fight instead of air striking everyone but I hadn't got around to hosting it. Nice event guys, cool pictures :lol:
  7. Lady Ninane

    Goals For The New Year.

    What goals have you got for your clan, and yourself for the new year? Give the members an immunity from inactivity during the holidays while still hosting fights within the new clanwars arena . Get back into the warring scene and try more Bounty Hunter trips. Myself? Try to make more time for my clan before the spring semester hits and I'm swamped with a job and 18 credits worth of classes :lol:
  8. Or Bloodshed Kingdom and Intensity can just have a war without worrying about a rank that means absolutely nothing now.
  9. Lady Ninane


    Your statements are completely unrelated to anything to do with clans, considering Jagex's effort to create better Clan Support really has no hold on their "real life trading" battle. Tell me how Jagex's clan support methods have anything to do with the wilderness being nerfed. Edited my post of silly extra junk
  10. Lady Ninane

    What The....

    Changing it back would be the worst buisness decision ever--they'd. Jagex loses roughly 70k USD a year because of RWT'ing.
  11. Lady Ninane


    But...The only part of the recent update geared toward clan support was the clan war, which has no impact on RWT--RWT being the reason why jagex nerfed the wild. So again...I ask you, what are you on when you say "OMG I H8 KLAN SUPROT"
  12. Lady Ninane

    War Arena

    Do you like the War Arena? Yes I do <333 Why do or don't you like it? I like it because it's fresh. It's new. Strategy can be implemented to a larger extent. Big clans might actually find themselves strategizing more, too, because binding is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Do you think warring will become more popular even if the wilderness is put back into place? Probably not. If anything, I see it dropping in popularity unless they give "Clan Arena" an interface similar to Duel Arena where you can stake what you're wearing (Original idea from Reflections :P) How do you think Jagex could improve it? Possibly REMOVING some of the trees. There's far too much coverage in there. Normally I'd say "Adapt and get over it", but it makes it feel as if the clan war arena will disentegrate into 1v1 fights because so many people get scattered by a good tanker and go off on their own piles. Of course, I'm referencing p2p clanning. Honestly, I think p2p clan war experiences are far more entertaining.
  13. Lady Ninane

    Is Your Clan: Multi Option

    The Death Squad is staying until we die. Jagex acknowledged that things needed to change with how things are being run right now. Just think of Bounty Hunter and Clan Arena as "beta" versions right now. Like any good game, it requires tweaking. So we're just a bunch of beta testers. To be quite honest...anyone who says "They're leaving" is in my eyes someone with little patience and probably was a "noob" for lack of a better term anyway. Most of the people are members, too, that are quitting. You're really going to throw away X amount of money because of one silly update? Get real. I love Strikecobra1 and True Supremacy tbh <3
  14. Lady Ninane


    Pft. The Clan Arena was an independant idea of their way to combat real life trading. Last time I checked, I didn't see people complaining saying that "OMG RL TRADERS ARE CLOGGING THE WILDERNESS DO SOMETHING [email protected]@@@" Clan support didn't cause any of this; last time I checked...no clanners here are gold farmers. So, I dunno what you're on about mate. Tbh I'm happy with their CLAN SUPPORT idea of BRINGING A CLAN WAR ARENA TO RUNESCAPE. I'm not happy about them ruining the wilderness, which was a way of defeating real life traders, not pkers and clans. The wilderness is supposed to be DANGEROUS. If there are no people threatening to attack you, then NPCs are a must to save some of the challenge travelling in the wild presented.
  15. jagex usually makes and update and tests iit for a week and sees how the public takes it...if its rejected they make changes and updates..im sure you can live a week also this topic is kinda pointless If it's pointless, then you only added to the spam rather than reporting it. As it concerns the wilderness, a method for stoppign RLT, and the concerns of clan members, I don't think it's pointless. Gf sir I still love you.

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