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  1. Reaping Thunder

    Buying 30k Willow Logs 15gp Ea

    I have over 4.3k, which I'll sell to you. I'll add you in-game as you said you don't check here very often.
  2. Reaping Thunder

    Buying Zamorak Pages

    Buying Zamorak Pages 1,2,3,4. I also have for sale a Karil's Crossbow (obviously full charged) and Guthix Page 1. Contacting me in-game is preferred, character name is mumzi99. You may also PM me but I may not reply fast enough.
  3. Reaping Thunder

    Buying Elite Black Armour Set

    PLEASE CLOSE... Trade was completed shortly after posting this up...
  4. Reaping Thunder

    Selling Verac's Brassard

    Nevermind. Managed to sell it.
  5. Reaping Thunder

    Selling Verac's Brassard

    As the title says, I'm selling a Verac's Brassard (no damage) for 5k below market price. Contact me via PM, or in-game by messaging my character, mumzi99. I'm usually online. Really need to sell this, so all buyers welcome, cash only.
  6. Reaping Thunder

    Remember When You Were A Noob?...

    I remember when I first started RuneScape. I was so proud of killing a chicken. Ahhh, the days.
  7. Reaping Thunder

    Favorite Barrows Armour

    Torag and Dharock are the best. I like the Great Axe and the attack/defence boosts of Dharok but the affordability and look of Torag, top notch.
  8. Reaping Thunder

    Have U Ever Scammed

    Lol. hacked my friends account but gave it back because I felt sorry for him (or he threatened to murder me, hehehehehehehehe). Anyways, nope, apart from that incident, never have and now I never will. I wish they hadn't brought in the trade update just because of RWT. My friend owed me 5mil but never gave it because he was in Afghanistan at the nd of last year. My other friend owes me like 20mil as well. I'd be rich on F2P if it wasn't for the limit.
  9. September 07. Got my first membership January 28. Kinda got bored of RS so I half quit but I'm back into it after a short spell with Pokemon. I found about Runescape in 03 on Mini Clip but I was bad at remembering my Passwords back then and I hadn't set recoveries. Boo. Anyways, I didn't have interent at the time because I was moving around a lot but now I'm full time at home and playing lots of RS.
  10. Reaping Thunder

    Rate The Avatar/signature/banner Of The Person Above You

    6/10:It looks ok but looks too plasticy and dolly. 3/10:It's just a double pictured stretch of your avatar.
  11. Reaping Thunder

    In My Pants

    I have a few more. Just been going through my itunes song list and found these: Piece of Me in my pants Elevation in my pants Forever in my pants Why Do All Good Things Come to an End in my pants Do It Well in my pants wow. this is funny....
  12. Reaping Thunder

    135k Willows For Sale

    Uhm, can I buy like, 90K worth? Or do I have to buy the whole lot?
  13. Reaping Thunder

    The Hidden Code Topic

    If it's the number of a level. Then 49??? I'm not sure. Could be 10 as well.
  14. Reaping Thunder


    It's not so much abut reeling in but more about reeling out to the general public. I mean, I had like, 4 mil on P2P but I died with it (whyid they still have PKing in Wildy). I wasn't carrying 4mil but I had 4mil worth of stuff on. Now i'm broke (yay) and becoming rich again. Might get 2 months at the end of the year for a further, oo, i dunno, 30-40mil. it's not hard, just r/craft, craft, make pots with herblore, b.s, bows (fletching) and Mage logs. Also,if you've got the mining and finished Heroe's Quest, runite ore.
  15. Reaping Thunder

    Team Kamikaze

    Cool. If anyone else would like to join, then visit my website or apply here and I'll PM you ASAP. Thunderous13

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