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  1. WILLIAM A70's LoG Hello, Thank you for reading through my log, assuming you will be reading the whole thing. My name is Edward, ignore the fact that I used my brother's name in my username. I am 15 years old and I started playing runescape when I was 12. I quit runescape about 10 months ago and I just recently got back into the game about 2 weeks ago (as of March 30th, 2010). How this log works is that I will be recording goals I wish to acheive in a certain amount of time, and goals I'd like to acheive over long periods of time. I will be submiting updated pictures every few days to a week and I will label them with a nice little date. I will also be submitted a new screen shot of all my skills every week or two. Additional Notes: I'm currently a free to play player of runescape, I will not become a member for a few months. Skills Overview as of March 30, 2010: SHORT TERM GOALS: -77 Mining, Latest mining picture: -75 Woodcutting, Latest woodcutting picture: LONG TERM GOALS: -250Million GP: 12Mill/250Mill. (As of March 30, 2010) -99 Mining: 60/99. -99 Fishing: 66/99. -99 Woodcutting: 66/99. -50 Smithing: 46/50. I don't inted on training smithing any time soon, so I'm listing it as long-term. -2000 Total Level: 1387/2000 I AM NOT DONE THIS LOG! DON'T GO TELLING ME IT'S INCOMPLETE, I KNOW. :) Still lots of other goals and acheivements to come.
  2. William A70 ROAR

    Prayer Potions

    there should be something done to stop price manipulation and mass merchanting on the G.E. (Maybe Jagex could make merch clans against the rules and ban/delete all the merch clans) If there are no merch clans it would be easier to obtain common items like prayer pots, and other items that are often merchanted by clans. If there are no merch clans runescape would be more fun and better to play.
  3. William A70 ROAR

    Messed Up Again Bros

    Congratz on lvl 97 hitpoints, only 2 more to 99
  4. William A70 ROAR

    ~!~geckotooth's Free Player 1k Total Level~!~

    Congratulations on 1k total lvl... it's pretty hard to get on F2P. Keep leveling
  5. William A70 ROAR

    --> Is Earthy Ya?<-- 65/85 Dungeoneering --- 2135

    Lord... when i wasn't looking you leveled this much? O.o O.o That's at least 800 extra total levels... I used to have higher combat lvl than you... lol. Well, GL. ... i'm watching you.. ^_^ ...
  6. William A70 ROAR

    Close Please.

    Close please.
  7. William A70 ROAR

    New Mods? On My Forums?

    Congratulations to you all... now... back to reading Java books... (for fun...) He already gave me a few swift lashes. :) Yay! Poor you. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (is this aloud) :P :s :)
  8. William A70 ROAR

    (=~_99 Ranged And Magic Ftp Log Of Edward A10_~=)

    This is not gonna be a sucsesfull log (another one)
  9. William A70 ROAR

    Close Please

  10. William A70 ROAR

    (=~_99 Ranged And Magic Ftp Log Of Edward A10_~=)

    grrrrrrrr...you again....lol...i'll make a supporters list and add you...oh...and..add me to the other cool logs list...i'll add you...lol..and yes...i accedently pushed the post new topic two times
  11. William A70 ROAR

    Close Please...

    Magic Goals: To 65: Picture: To 70: Picture: To 82: Picture: To 94: Picture: To 99: Picture: Ranged Goals: To 65: Picture: To 70: Picture: To 85: Picture: To 99: Picture: ALOT MORE COMING SOON...
  12. This is a log that i feel is very important to me...For four reasons: 1. To let me track my goals ( ) 2: To Introduce myself to the community... 3: For people to enjoy... :) 4. To challange myself Now...i want to get 99 ranged and magic as a free-to-play player to show people it can be done...(in a long and hard time though :P ) and then i'll probably get become a member before that happens... So...everyone please donate to my log...(i beg of you... plocks, pl0x, plz, vous plais, please, pls.) I AM BEGGING YOU ALL...TO...POST... Everybody That Posts Will be added to the Supporters List at the bottom of the log...please alert me if i end up missing your name... Magic Goals: To 65: Picture: To 70: Picture: To 82: Picture: To 94: Picture: To 99: Picture: Ranged Goals: To 65: Picture: To 70: Picture: To 85: Picture: To 99: Picture: Supporters List: 1.DemOn 2. Bluebablade Other Cool Logs: 1.DemOn ALOT MORE COMING SOON...
  13. William A70 ROAR

    Fist Of Guthix

    I had this problem...lol...my security was too high... (could't get on for an hour)
  14. William A70 ROAR

    Vengeful Mercenaries 80+ Clan

    War Viking Ship 80+ lol... vengefeful mercenaries : status: dead : opponents players remaning : 27-92 (depending on time...)
  15. William A70 ROAR

    Congratulations To...

    Congratulations guys ha, ha...it's flooding time soon :) lol

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