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  1. Nathy

    Type Of Forum?

    As I said I want it free. I think I might stick with IPB1.3.1
  2. Which forum system should I get for a scripting forum? I am looking for a free one. I have IPB 1.3.1 that I got before they went paid but I don't think its safe to use. Thanks Nathy :(
  3. Nathy

    Log To 8k Nats

    Good luck with your goal. I am currently doing 8k natures too . But I use fairy rings
  4. Nathy

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    998,462 Me thinks this will take forever.
  5. Nathy

    New Calculators!

    Wow great calculaters. I wish I could script that good.
  6. Nathy

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    998,803 Just another year to go.
  7. Nathy

    Some Items

    Well it adds 9 levels for me...
  8. Nathy

    Some Items

    Name:Weeds Picture: Type of Item (see below):Farming Tradeable?:Yes Quest Item?:No Members/Freeplay?:Members Shop Selling Price (how much you buy it for):0gp Approximate Street Price:0gp High Alch:0gp Low Alch:0gp Item Specific Details (any requirements or other details):Used to make compost if put in compost bins. Examine Description:A handful of weeds. Stats & Effects:None Location/How to Obtain:When raking a farming patch you will get weeds. Name:Strength Potion (3) Picture: Type of Item (see below):Herblore or Potion Tradeable?:Yes Quest Item?:No Members/Freeplay?:Freeplay & Members Shop Selling Price (how much you buy it for):No shop Approximate Street Price:1k High Alch:7gp Low Alch:5gp Item Specific Details (any requirements or other details): Examine Description:3 doses of strength potion. Stats & Effects:Adds 9 levels to you strength for a little while. Location/How to Obtain:Made in Freeplay by giving a Red Spiders Egg, Limpwurt Root and 5gp. Made in Members with herblore.
  9. Nathy

    Count Down From 1,000,000


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